For many students, college is the first opportunity to live independently, make their own decisions, and grow emotionally. However, this newfound freedom can lead teenagers to make questionable choices on campus. Poor decisions, from drinking excessively to hazing prospective fraternity or sorority members, can lead to violations of a school’s Code of Conduct. These actions can also lead to criminal charges, such as for driving under the influence or accusations of sexual misconduct.

Whether you or your child is the student facing a school disciplinary action, a Title IX hearing, or criminal charges, our experienced defense attorneys can guide you, protect your rights, and defend you in criminal proceedings. Contact a Palmetto student defense lawyer today at J. Ryan Brown Law to discuss your situation and how we can help.

School Disciplinary Actions

All colleges and universities have a Code of Conduct. The Code is meant to inform students that some behavior will not be tolerated. Infractions can lead to reprimands, probation, suspension, and expulsion, with no avenue to return to school. Some infractions that commonly fall below expectations are:

Schools still prosecute misconduct aggressively, even if students do not realize they have violated the Code. Students may be hauled before a disciplinary board just days after the accusation. The board will determine swift justice to show the public that the school does not tolerate inappropriate behavior.

Although students do not hire attorneys to speak for them in disciplinary procedures, they are entitled to a Palmetto student defense attorney to gather evidence, vet witnesses, and advise them at the hearing.

What is a Title IX Violation?

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 protects affiliates of publicly funded institutions, such as teachers, students, coaches, and athletes, from discrimination based on sex or gender. Generally, male students are accused of sexual misconduct, such as harassment or sexual assault, by female students, although other portions of Title IX address discrimination in educational and athletic opportunities and bullying because of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Title IX examines how schools must react to student complaints. The complainant is entitled to protection, a fair investigation of the allegations, and proper disciplinary action against the accused. The respondent is entitled to due process before any disciplinary action. Because of the repercussions that can mean expulsion and criminal charges, a seasoned student defense attorney serving Palmetto should be consulted.

Criminal Charges May be Filed

A student could face consequences for the same act under all three disciplinary provisions. For example, a sexual assault violates the Code of Conduct adopted by all universities, violates Title IX, and it could amount to criminal charges.

Criminal charges should be taken very seriously because they can affect the student for life. Students convicted of sexual battery may have to register as sex offenders, could spend time in jail or prison, and will have a harder time finding jobs, homes, and loans. Students accused of sexual harassment who see those charges morph from campus discipline to the Fulton County criminal court need a Palmetto student defense attorney by their side.

A Palmetto Student Defense Attorney Goes from Campus to Court

College is a monumental part of the transition from childhood to adulthood. Most young people embrace this new freedom, learning, setting boundaries, and growing in many ways—however, schools have conduct codes for a reason, just as the federal government has Title IX. When young people act inappropriately, these rules and laws kick in and can have dire consequences.

Some infractions can lead to criminal charges, especially when sexual activity is disputed. A skilled attorney at our firm knows what must be done for all three governing bodies. If you or your child is facing disciplinary action at school or criminal charges in Georgia, a Palmetto student defense lawyer can help from campus to court. Call J. Ryan Brown Law today to get started.

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