In Georgia, few other crimes are taken as seriously as those involving child pornography. If convicted, you face harsh criminal penalties and the scorn of your family, friends, and other community members. The social and professional consequences may follow you for the rest of your life, making it difficult to secure a job, pursue an education, or take out loans.

When you are in this situation, enlisting the guidance of an experienced Palmetto child pornography lawyer is vital. At J. Ryan Brown Law, we are committed to providing you with the strongest possible defense and protecting your legal rights every step of the way. To discuss your unique case with an aggressive defense attorney, reach out to our firm today.

What Constitutes Child Pornography in Palmetto?

Georgia law considers it a crime to intentionally possess, create, reproduce, publish, sell, give, control, produce, or distribute materials that depict a minor in a sexually explicit manner. In other words, people can face criminal charges in Georgia for possessing or distributing child pornography. They could also face federal child pornography charges if they move pornographic images of children through the mail, via interstate or international commerce, or through electronic distribution, such as by downloading images from or uploading to the internet.

Child porn charges can stem from the possession or distribution of materials in a number of formats, including nude photographs, videos depicting sex acts with minors, online images, and magazines. These charges can also arise from many different types of activities and behaviors, including ‘sexting’ between an adult and a minor, in which the minor shares a sexually explicit photograph.

A conviction on either state or federal charges brings severe penalties. Depending on the specific facts, those penalties could include steep fines and lengthy prison sentences. In addition, if convicted of possessing or distributing child pornography, a defendant would need to register as a sex offender with the official state sex offender registry. Someone convicted of a child pornography charge will face restrictions on where they can live and work; and since the list of registered sex offenders is posted online for everyone to see, they might also face public scorn in their community.

Our Palmetto attorney understands the pain that comes with a child pornography conviction and will pursue every avenue to reach a satisfactory resolution of the case.

Potential Defenses

A conviction requires the prosecution to prove the defendant knowingly possessed or distributed the images. Our skilled Palmetto attorney can work to show the possession or distribution of sexually explicit material was not intentional or voluntary, or that the materials came into the defendant’s possession by mistake or accident. For example, our lawyer can argue the defendant accidentally received a lewd image while trying to download something else.

Our skilled Palmetto attorney can investigate every piece of evidence, review the procedural processes, and work to break down the prosecution’s case.

Reach Out to a Palmetto Child Pornography Attorney Today

If you face charges for child pornography, you must act quickly to protect your freedom, reputation, and future. The social and professional stigma of a child pornography conviction can be hard to overcome.

Do not give up hope and settle for a guilty plea. Fight back. Reach out to a trusted Palmetto child pornography lawyer who will challenge the prosecution’s case. Contact J. Ryan Brown Law today to discuss your legal options.

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