If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you could be facing significant criminal liability. You might be at risk of jail time, fines, and a host of other consequences if you are convicted. Thankfully, a conviction is never guaranteed, and a skilled attorney could help you defend yourself.

Many people facing criminal charges assume that it is pointless to fight back. While the police and prosecutors have the power of the state behind them, many citizens beat their charges every day. Let a Carrollton criminal defense attorney fight on your behalf if you are ready to protect your rights.

Common Criminal Charges

Criminal offenses fall into one of two categories: misdemeanors and felonies. Felonies carry the steeper penalties of the two, as they have the potential to result in years of incarceration in state prisons. Although misdemeanors might not have the same consequences, a conviction could still lead to time behind bars if not successfully defended. Given that criminal offenses put your liberty at stake, seeking the advice and defense of an understanding attorney in Carrollton could serve you well.

There are countless examples of criminal charges under state law. Some of the offenses cover violent behavior, while others involve allegations of theft. Each criminal offense has its own penalties and possible defense strategies. Some charges that the state commonly brings include:

Any of these offenses could have serious consequences upon a conviction. With an aggressive defense strategy and the guidance of the right attorney, it could be possible to beat these charges and avoid any penalties.

Potential Criminal Penalties in Carrollton

The penalties that follow a criminal conviction vary across offenses. Given that the court is often given a range of possible sentences in a criminal case, a lawyer in Carrollton can defend and advocate for penalties on the lower end of the spectrum.


The primary risk that comes with a criminal conviction is the potential for incarceration. For misdemeanors, these penalties are capped at one year in jail. Felony offenses could result in years behind bars in state prison. For serious offenses, there is also the possibility of life in prison.


There can also be a financial component to a criminal offense. In addition to the risk of jail time, most criminal charges also carry a monetary fine. These fines are set at sentencing and are owed to the court.

Collateral Consequences

There can also be collateral consequences that come with criminal convictions. These collateral consequences do not stem directly from the statute. Instead, they occur independently. Some common examples include the loss of gun rights, difficulty maintaining employment, or problems during the immigration process.

Discuss Your Options with a Carrollton Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges, there is no time to delay. The police and prosecutors will begin preparing the case against you from the moment you are arrested. By securing legal representation, you could prevent the state from gaining an unfair advantage.

Do not put your future at risk by representing yourself in criminal court. Contact a Carrollton criminal defense lawyer to advocate for you as soon as possible. Our experienced team is standing by.

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