Over the years, state, local, and federal law enforcement has taken steps to address gang-related crime. In Palmetto, state legislators have attempted to address gang-related criminal activity with broad statutes designed to prosecute these organizations.

Unfortunately, when dealing with gang or group-related crimes, the innocent can sometimes get swept up in these investigations. If you have been accused of participating in gang activity, you have the right to defend yourself with the help of a seasoned defense attorney. Allow our knowledgeable and aggressive Palmetto gang crimes lawyer to help you clear up any legal misunderstandings today.

Understanding Gang Crime Laws

While the term “gang” is thrown around a lot, there are specific instances where it is appropriate in criminal law. State law broadly defines a street gang as any association of three or more people that participate in specific criminal activity together. Individuals are considered by prosecutors to be in a street gang when they are involved in crimes of many types, if done with the intent to increase their status in a gang, or obtain property such as money.

In addition to limiting street gangs to only apply to certain types of criminal offenses, the statute also spells out that the state can prove the existence of a gang by showing that the organization has names, signs, or symbols used to identify it. This could include a wide range of behavior, including hand signs, attire, tattoos, graffiti, or other common customs.

Gang-related charges are serious felonies that could result in steep fines and many years in prison. These penalties will only become a reality following a conviction. That is why it is vital to seek out the guidance of a skilled Palmetto gang crimes attorney as soon as possible.

Possible Defenses to Gang Crime Charges

A Palmetto attorney could pursue several potentially successful defense strategies in a gang crimes case. This process is uniquely complex, as the state must establish that two crimes occurred: the underlying crime, and the offense of furthering that crime in the interests of a street gang.

One of the more common defense strategies involves making the case that the defendant is not a member of a gang. The state must prove the defendant’s membership beyond a reasonable doubt, which can be difficult as these groups rarely keep records.

Another defense strategy also involves arguing that a criminal act was not in furtherance of the interests of a street gang. While this will not excuse the underlying charge, it could prevent the additional consequences that come with a gang crime conviction. During a confidential consultation, our devoted attorney will evaluate all available options and custom-tailor a defense strategy that protects your rights and future.

Call a Palmetto Gang Crimes Attorney Right Away

If you have been accused of committing a crime to further the interests of a street gang, it is important that you fight back. Sometimes, individuals without connections to a street gang get caught up in these investigations.

Regardless of the circumstances, you deserve to have tenacious representation by your side. Reach out to a Palmetto gang crimes lawyer from J. Ryan Brown Law to get started on your defense.

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