Many cybercrimes in Georgia are governed by the Georgia Computer Systems Protection Act. Cybercrime comes in several shapes and forms and some things you have done on the computer may in fact have been a crime without you knowing it. If you have been arrested for computer-related crimes, you need a defense attorney on your side who can represent your rights. Let a Newnan cybercrime lawyer protect your interests, liberties, and future.

What is Considered a Cybercrime?

Giving someone’s password out, entering a part of a computer network you are not supposed to enter, or using a computer to steal anything or change a document could result in you being charged with a multitude of felonies and facing prison time. The various cybercrimes include:

  • ID theft using computer or telephone network
  • Computer theft
  • Computer trespass
  • Computer Invasion of Privacy
  • Computer forgery
  • Computer password disclosure
  • Deceptive commercial email
  • Electronic misrepresentation to obtain individual information.
  • Fraudulent business practices using the internet or email.

All of these cybercrimes can bring severe penalties, but a dedicated attorney in Newnan could fight to minimize charges and get the most favorable outcome possible in your case.

Call a Newnan Cybercrime Attorney

Ryan Brown had the opportunity to prosecute some of these crimes when serving as an Assistant District Attorney. If you are charged with a cybercrime contact a Newnan cybercrime lawyer as soon as possible. Don’t fight alone.

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J. Ryan Brown Law, LLC