Facing prosecution for the alleged act of prostitution can be a frightening and confusing experience. Even if this is your first time being accused of this activity or you have never been arrested before, a conviction can result in a conviction on your criminal record, fines, or even time spent in jail.

Further complicating matters is the state’s expansive definition of prostitution. To secure a conviction, a prosecutor does not even need to prove that sexual intercourse took place or that money was exchanged. Because of this, it is best for you to obtain all the help possible when facing allegations involving prostitution. A Newnan prostitution lawyer will be able to help you to understand the laws that affect your case. A dedicated criminal defense attorney can build a potent defense against these harsh charges.

Prostitution Charges under State Law

Simply put, it is illegal to have sex with another person in exchange for money. This being so, the state’s definition of illegal activity involves far more than this core concept.

It is illegal to perform any kind of sexual act for anything of value. This means that sexual intercourse does not need to occur for a prosecutor to obtain a conviction at trial. Similarly, it is a violation of the law to have sex in exchange for a consumer good, such as a cell phone, or any other item of value. Because of this, police can make arrests that allege a wide variety of exchanges of goods for sexual favors.

Making matters worse, the agreed-upon exchange does not need to occur for a conviction to be possible. The law states that merely agreeing to, offering, or performing a sex act in exchange for an item of value is considered prostitution.  A Newnan attorney can help individuals to better understand the state’s law concerning prostitution and why police have made an arrest.

What a Prostitution Conviction in Newnan Can Mean

State law classifies prostitution charges as misdemeanors. However, this does not mean that a conviction does not come with serious consequences. A first prostitution conviction can bring a maximum fine of $1,000, up to one year in jail, or both. While a conviction is unlikely to result in the maximum penalty, it can still be a major interruption in your life.

Convictions also result in  a conviction on your criminal record. This can impact your ability to obtain employment, could show on your rental applications when looking to move, or any time else your background is checked. A Newnan prostitution attorney can help you try to avoid these potential outcomes. They can work to explore diversion programs that may result  in an eventual dropping of the charges after meeting the court’s conditions, or perhaps first offender treatment to help protect your record. They can also take the case to trial and contest whether there was an agreement for the exchange of goods or raise evidence that any sexual contact was consensual.

Reach Out to a Newnan Prostitution Attorney Today

Allegations involving prostitution are serious matters. Convictions can appear on background checks and can force you to spend time in jail. Further complicating matters is the fact that sexual intercourse does not need to occur for a conviction to be valid and that merely agreeing to an exchange violates the law.

A Newnan prostitution lawyer is prepared to aggressively fight on your behalf. They will work to evaluate the prosecutor’s case, challenge the legality of police work that led to an arrest, and defend your rights during every court session. Contact our office now to learn how we can help you.

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