If you have been charged with a felony in Carroll County then you will be reporting to Carroll County Superior Court. You courtroom will be on the fourth floor.


311 Newnan Street
Carrollton, GA 30117


The closest parking option is directly adjacent to the courthouse on Tanner Street. It is a multi-level parking deck and if you get there early there is plenty of space. Be warned, however, if you arrive close to the start of court the parking lot backs up. And when this particular parking deck backs up it is a mess! There is nowhere to turn around inside the deck, so if you get stuck because you are running late (it has happened to us) it may delay your arrival 15 minutes or so. If that happens, the judge and your attorney are going to be waiting on you. So, get there early. I would suggest arriving about 30 minutes before your scheduled court time.


The Carroll County Courthouse is located in the heart of downtown Carrollton. It is located within walking distance of all the restaurants in downtown Carrollton, so you won’t have to give up that good parking spot just to run grab some lunch.

Insider Tips

  • Arrive Early.
  • Superior Court is on the Fourth Floor. The stairs may be healthier, but its quite the hike all the way up to fourth floor. There are two elevators right in the middle of the ground floor.
  • There is a break room with vending machines on the first floor.
  • Pack light! When you arrive you will have to go through security and remove everything from your pockets, so don’t bring to much. Carroll County does not require that you take your shoes or belt off.
  • Bring a book! Cell phones are frowned upon in the courtroom, and sometimes court can drag along. Bring a book or magazine to help pass the time.

J. Ryan Brown Law, LLC

J. Ryan Brown Law, LLC