A bribery conviction can lead to severe penalties, such as prison time, hefty fines, and a stain on your personal and professional reputations. With a felony conviction, you may damage your professional reputation and find it more difficult to secure employment or housing. For these reasons and more, it is crucial to fight back against such accusations with the help of an experienced Palmetto bribery lawyer.

A knowledgeable defense attorney from J. Ryan Brown Law can help you understand the charges, your rights, and available legal options. They will thoroughly assess the facts of your case, review the prosecution’s case against you, and help you pinpoint the most effective defense strategies.

The Crime of Bribery in Palmetto

A bribe is something of value that is offered to influence someone’s behavior or decision-making. Under Georgia state law, the crime of bribery is defined as giving or offering to give something of value to a public or government official with the explicit goal of influencing them to take a particular action. Both the person offering the bribe and the person accepting the bribe could face criminal charges.

Who Is a Public or Government Official Under the Georgia Bribery Statute?

Any appointed or elected public official, or anyone who acts on behalf of the state or any state agency, would be subject to the bribery statute. Similarly, any state, county, or municipality employee or any of their agencies or authorities could also fall prey to the bribery statute.

An example of a bribe would be a person offering money to their congressional representative in exchange for voting on a specific issue. Another example of a bribe would be offering something to a police officer to get out of a speeding ticket.

What is a ‘Thing of Value’ Under the Local Bribery Law?

A ‘thing of value’ would be any reward, benefit, or consideration offered in exchange for desired behavior. Most bribes involve money, but lavish gifts would also qualify as bribes.

During a consultation, our seasoned attorney serving Palmetto can explain the particulars of the state bribery statute and how it might apply in a specific situation.

Potential Defense Strategies for Bribery

To craft the most successful defense strategy possible, our dedicated Palmetto attorney would first perform a detailed and independent investigation of what happened. They would look at the actions taken by the police and prosecutors to see if they made any procedural mistakes. For example, they would check if the police obtained proper search warrants, seized evidence legally, and advised the defendant of their constitutional legal rights. The attorney will see if there are any gaps in the chain of custody of the evidence. They will also review the statements of the prosecution’s witnesses to see if the witnesses appear reliable or if they gave their statements under duress or coercion. If the evidence appears too strong for an outright dismissal of the charges or an acquittal, they can work to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution.

Rely On a Palmetto Bribery Attorney from Our Firm

You must act quickly when you face bribery charges. The actions you take now can have a long-term impact on your life, and working with the right Palmetto bribery lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of the case against you.

At J. Ryan Brown Law, we have a proven track record of success in helping people facing bribery charges. Take control of your future by contacting our firm today.

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