When you are facing robbery charges, you must know the stakes are incredibly high. In addition to losing your freedom, a conviction could also affect your family, ability to work, and reputation.

With so much at stake, working with the right legal team is critical. Our seasoned Palmetto robbery lawyer is here to guide you through the criminal process and stand up for your rights and interests today.

The Difference Between Theft and Robbery

The crimes of theft and robbery both involve the unlawful taking of someone else’s money or property.

Robbery is essentially a “theft-plus” crime: It is almost the same crime as theft, but the property was taken by use of force, by intimidation, by threat or coercion, by placing someone in fear of immediate serious bodily injury, or by sudden snatching. In other words, robbery is a crime against a person, not just a crime against a property or residence.

Additionally, robbery is always a felony offense. Even first-time robbery offenses can result in up to 20 years in prison with a minimum sentence of five years. Our experienced Palmetto attorney can work together with the defendant to mount an aggressive defense against robbery accusations.

Elements of Robbery Under Palmetto Law

Under Georgia law, robbery can occur in three ways: through force, intimidation, or by sudden snatching.

Robbery by Force

Unlike theft, a robbery often involves taking something from somebody with the use of force. Examples of the use of force include if a victim suffers a physical injury or if there was a struggle.

Robbery by Intimidation

The crime of robbery also occurs when a person uses threats and places a victim in reasonable fear of immediate serious harm to themselves or another person. An example of robbery by intimidation is taking someone’s property by threatening that something bad would happen to them if they do not hand the possession over.

Robbery by Sudden Snatching

If someone snatches something from another person, they could face robbery charges. For example, robbery by sudden snatching occurs when someone grabs someone else’s purse and runs off.

When a person uses a weapon during the commission of a robbery, prosecutors could elevate the charge to armed robbery, which is an even more serious crime with even harsher consequences. Even when there is no actual weapon, a defendant could face armed robbery charges if the victim has reasonable cause to believe they had a weapon. Nor does the weapon even have to be real: If a person commits a robbery while using a toy gun, that crime could be considered an armed robbery if the victim believed the weapon was real.

Our skilled Palmetto attorney can work determinedly to mitigate the potential legal consequences of an alleged robbery crime. We can extensively review the evidence and search for holes in the prosecution’s case.

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