Paying for a lawyer is not fun. It is an expense that most folks have not planned for and that has not been factored into any budgeting. Shopping for a lawyer is different than any other shopping that you have probably ever done before. You are shopping for personal service and a person who is going to be guiding you and your family through a difficult time.


We always offer free phone consultations for any potential clients. We also offer scheduled in-person consultations for a fee on a case-by-case basis.

Flat Fee Billing

Most legal fields follow the traditional hourly billing rate where. Criminal lawyers, however, generally charge a flat fee and we are no different. Flat fees are advantageous because it allows the client and their family to know exactly what to expect from a cost standpoint at the onset of the case.

How Much is the Down Payment

The down payment depends on the case type and the total fee being quoted. Our firm’s general practice, however, is to require a down payment of 50% – 60% of the total fee.

How to Pay

We accept most payment types including:

J. Ryan Brown Law, LLC

J. Ryan Brown Law, LLC