The Heard county courthouse is currently under renovation! So, for the meantime court is being held at Franklin City Hall. The below information is for Franklin City Hall – where they are having court right now.


215 Court Square #5

Franklin, GA 30217



The Coweta County Courthouse has a large parking lot located on site. Securing parking should not be a problem as long as you are on time, but I do suggest arriving about 30 minutes prior to your scheduled court time. Arriving early allows you not to be rushed just in case the courthouse is particularly busy that day. The parking lot is used for Superior Court, Coweta State Court, Coweta Magistrate Court, and Coweta Juvenile Court. So, every now and then it does get super busy!


The Coweta County Courthouse is just outside of most people’s walking range from downtown Newnan where there are plenty of restaurants. So, on your lunch break, hop in the car and head to square, but the judge probably only gave you an hour so be quick because you will have to go back through security when you get back.

Insider Tips

  • Arrive Early.
  • Superior Court is on the third floor. The stairs may be healthier, but there are two elevators on the ground floor. Once you go through security go through the first big opening and there are two elevators directly to your right.
  • Pack light! When you arrive you will have to go through security and remove everything from your pockets, so don’t bring to much.
  • Bring a book! Cell phones are frowned upon in the courtroom, and sometimes court can drag along. Bring a book or magazine to help pass the time.

J. Ryan Brown Law, LLC

J. Ryan Brown Law, LLC