False imprisonment is a crime that is most commonly charged by prosecutors following a domestic dispute. It is incredibly common to see an indictment charging false imprisonment and battery. Once an allegation is made, prosecutors charge these crimes and move forward with the prosecution even if stories change or the alleged victim recants.

A common mistake people make in these cases is thinking that they can talk their way out of these crimes. It is not a good idea for anyone to just go talk to the investigator or law enforcement about their false imprisonment case. You should never talk to the cops if you are under arrest or under investigation. Let a dedicated defense attorney assist you instead. A Newnan false imprisonment lawyer could represent your interests and fight for your freedom.

False Imprisonment

A person commits the offense of false imprisonment when, in violation of the personal liberty of another, he arrests, confines, or detains such person without legal authority.

Georgia’s false imprisonment law is one of the more straightforward crimes in the state, in that the language of the law is simple and there is little confusion as to what it means. As an attorney in Newnan could further explain, any time a person keeps, holds, or prevents someone from leaving somewhere against their will, they may be charged with false imprisonment. Below are two examples of a chargeable offense:

Example 1

A man and woman are in an apartment. After eating dinner the man grabs the woman’s phone and asks for the passcode. She refuses to give the passcode and goes to the bathroom. Upset, the man follows her to the bathroom blocks the doorway and demands that he will let not let the woman leave the bathroom.

Example 2

Someone enters a room of their own accord. While in the room, someone else locks them inside of the room and prevents any forms of escape from that room.

How Much Time Can You Get For False Imprisonment?

In general, the range of punishment for false imprisonment is one to 10 years. That term of punishment could be served in prison, on probation, or even be suspended by the judge.

If the Victim is Under the Age of 14

There is enhanced punishment if convicted where the victim is under the age of 14. If so, then the person convicted is also subject to being sentenced as a “sexual offender” under state law. The effect of that is, among other things, absent consent from the prosecutor that the judge cannot probate any portion of the minimum sentence and the defendant cannot be sentenced as a first offender. If you are facing any of these false imprisonment charges, it is important to retain a lawyer in Newnan quickly to better the chances of a favorable outcome.

Contact a Newnan False Imprisonment Attorney

Being convicted of false imprisonment will have a tremendous impact on your life. Being a felon will impact your second amendment right to bear arms, your right to vote, and many other things. Don’t give in.

Contact us today. Meet with a Newnan false imprisonment lawyer and let them fight for you. You must fight these charges. We can help.

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