Failing to appear for any scheduled court date after being cited for a traffic offense is technically a crime and can result in a fine and jail time. Despite what you might hope, the matter will not simply go away and disappear with time. You must take action to resolve the issue, and the earlier you begin, the greater the likelihood of a positive resolution.

Georgia law enforcement officials and court officers treat skipping a court date as a serious offense. Because of this, you need to work with an experienced Palmetto failure to appear lawyer who will pursue every avenue to protect your rights and interests. At J. Ryan Brown Law, our committed defense attorney is ready to get started on your case. Call today.

Reasons Why People Miss Court Dates in Palmetto

People miss their scheduled court appearances for many reasons, some intentional and others accidental. Most commonly, people fail to appear because:

  • They panic or are afraid of the consequences of appearing to hear a verdict or for sentencing
  • They simply forgot because they failed to write down the date of a far-off court appearance
  • They never received the summons or notice to appear because of a mix-up in the mail
  • An emergency or conflicting appointment came up and they forgot or neglected to notify the court

Regardless of whether the failure to appear was accidental or intentional, it is still a criminal offense that Georgia courts treat seriously. Our compassionate Palmetto attorney understands how scary it can be to address the failure to appear (FTA) in court and can use their skills to minimize the damage and work toward the most favorable resolution possible.

Potential Legal Consequences of Failing To Appear in Palmetto

Because courts want to discourage people from missing their court appearances, violators can face a $200 fine and up to three days in jail. The Georgia Department of Driver Services may also suspend your driver’s license if you fail to appear or respond to a traffic citation.

A collateral consequence of a failure to appear is that if you are ever arrested again, the prosecutors will use an FTA to try and prevent you from getting a bond: Judges are reluctant to give those who have FTAs on their record a bond.

Get in Touch With a Palmetto Failure To Appear Attorney

A simple oversight or the panic that caused you to miss your scheduled court date could severely damage your reputation and liberty. Judges do not take failing to appear for a scheduled court date lightly. Clearing up the matter as quickly as possible could spare you the potential embarrassment of a public arrest in front of your friends or family members. In addition, making an effort to resolve the matter before letting it reach the level of an arrest could go a long way toward making a difference in a plea deal with the prosecution.

Get in touch with J. Ryan Brown Law to schedule a consultation with our Palmetto failure to appear lawyer. We can start building an effective defense strategy today.

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