From the moment you learn that you are the subject of a criminal investigation, you need to fight to protect your rights. This includes understanding how to act while in police custody and making powerful arguments in court.

A Brunswick criminal defense lawyer can help in both these areas. Our lawyers are dedicated to protecting your constitutional rights and will fight every step of the way to protect those rights.

Protecting You While in Police Custody

Every person who faces a criminal arrest in Brunswick and the surrounding area has the right to an attorney. Having a legal professional present is crucial, as they can explain your legal rights and evaluate the actions of police officers while you’re still in custody. Our team can be present during police questioning, evaluate the fairness of a lineup, and participate in talks with prosecutors that occur outside of court.

Legal representatives also are available to help individuals prepare for any arraignments, which is the first court session where vital issues such as bail and pretrial release conditions go into effect. You don’t want to go to these alone. Instead, you should have someone fighting in your corner.

How an Attorney Will Help to Defeat a Prosecutor’s Case

Every criminal allegation is a serious matter. Whether the charge is a misdemeanor under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 17-10-3, where a conviction can result in no more than one year in jail, or a felony that can bring a minimum of one year in prison and up to a lifetime in prison, it is vital to approach these matters with caution.

The first thing that a local lawyer aims to do is help defendants understand their charges. This includes identifying what a prosecutor needs to prove to secure a conviction. Our team can then look for evidence that weakens the prosecutor’s case in court. Finally, your legal counsel can challenge the legality of police work that led to your arrest and other evidence the prosecution is bringing against you.

Fighting a Variety of Accusations

A practiced lawyer is prepared to help defeat a variety of criminal accusations in Brunswick cases. Some prominent examples include:

The sooner you get into contact with our office, the better the chances that a dedicated member of our team can provide practical help with your case.

Contact a Brunswick Criminal Defense Attorney Immediately

If you have been arrested or even accused of committing an alleged crime, our office can protect your legal rights. This includes protecting you from aggressive questioning while in police custody, arguing for fair bail, and representing your interests during every court session.

A Brunswick criminal defense lawyer is ready to talk with you today. Whether your case is a misdemeanor, and you are looking to obtain a fair plea deal, or you face multiple alleged felonies and need to dispute the accusations in court, we can help fight for you. Don’t delay. Call us as soon as possible to get started.

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