Given their importance, traffic tickets are as unpopular as they are familiar. Ignoring a ticket can cause your insurance rates to go up and additional penalties to accrue.

Owning an automobile is already costly. Don’t add to your expenses by ignoring traffic infractions that seem unimportant. If you let a parking meter lapse, you parked in a handicapped space because you were in a hurry, were in a fender bender, or are facing any other type of traffic charge, contact a defense attorney right away A Palmetto traffic lawyer could provide the support you need to pursue the best outcome possible for your case.

Types of Traffic Infractions in Georgia

Most vehicular actions that can put others at risk will be classified as traffic violations. Even if you did not purposely break the law, as with exceeding the speed limit when a speedometer is inaccurate or forgetting to turn headlights on at dusk, you could still face charges. Turning illegally and failing to yield to another driver are also actionable violations of state traffic law.

Why Hire a Traffic Lawyer?

Many people receive tickets and pay them without thinking they might be able to do something about it. According to the law, by paying a ticket, the bearer pleads guilty and accepts conviction for the charge. This can lead to serious consequences, which is why it is always best to go over your options for disputing your charges with a traffic lawyer in Palmetto. A skilled could fight to get your charges reduced and/or mitigate potential penalties, including:

  • Suspension of your driver’s license
  • Large fines
  • Points on your driver’s license

Fighting back against your traffic charges also aims to avoid a hike in your insurance rates. Even one ticket usually means annual premiums go up substantially, sometimes by several hundred dollars. Drivers with multiple violations can be rated high-risk by insurance companies, making it more difficult to find an insurance policy. Moving violations, such as reckless driving, can also lead to stiff increases in insurance premiums.

The Penalty Points System in Palmetto

Georgia drivers who violate traffic laws accrue points on their driving record. The more severe the infraction, the higher the points. Drivers who acquire 15 points in a 24-month period will have their licenses suspended. Each traffic violation conviction is assigned some number of points. Serious traffic violations will come with a higher point value than less severe violations. Some infractions call for immediate suspension, including drag racing, hit and run accidents, and operating a motor vehicle with an already suspended, revoked, or canceled license.

Some examples of violations and their point values in Georgia include:

  • Four points for reckless driving
  • One point for texting behind the wheel
  • Three points for running a red light
  • Two points for speeding 15 miles over the speed limit

A local traffic attorney could fight in court to lessen the impact of your traffic violation charges.

Let a Palmetto Traffic Attorney Fight for You

Chances are you have parked in a commercial space to keep an appointment or run an errand and a parking ticket on your windshield. Maybe the meter expired, or you parked in a handicap spot because nothing else was available. Or perhaps you were recently stopped and ticketed because you were speeding a little or ran a red light.

Paying those tickets is an admission of guilt. You face higher insurance premiums and points on your license that can lead to suspension­­– but it does not have to be that way. You could contest these charges with the help of a Palmetto traffic lawyer from J. Ryan Brown Law. Call today to learn more about what our team of committed attorneys could do for you.

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