In Georgia, conspiracy is defined as two or more people agreeing and planning to commit a crime, and someone taking a step toward completing that plan. Conspiracy only requires the state to prove the group collaborated and made preparatory actions to proceed with the unlawful activity and that someone took an overt act to achieve the purpose of that agreement. In other words, the conspired event or criminal act does not have to actually happen for an arrest or conviction to occur.

Because of these complexities, it is wise to enlist the guidance of an aggressive defense attorney when you face conspiracy charges. These cases require solid legal knowledge and careful preparation to reach the most favorable outcome in your case. A skilled Palmetto conspiracy lawyer from our firm can fight for your freedom and advocate on your behalf inside and outside the courtroom. Contact J. Ryan Brown Law today to get started.

Conspiracy to Commit a Crime in Georgia

Conspiracy can involve a vast range of offenses, such as conspiring to commit fraud, murder, robbery, or drug offenses. According to the law in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 16-4-8, a group conspiring with one or more people to commit any unlawful action could face arrest and conviction for conspiracy to commit a crime.

When at least one conspirator knowingly carries out an overt act to accomplish the crime, the criminal court has grounds to convict the individuals for conspiracy. Carrying out a single action by one of the group members fulfills the second element needed to secure a conviction.

The Potential Penalties for a Conspiracy to Commit a Crime Conviction

Punishment for criminal conspiracy to commit a felony includes a minimum of one year of imprisonment and no more than half of the maximum prison term and fines for carrying out the actual crime. In a case where someone is convicted of conspiracy to commit a crime punishable by death or life imprisonment, the convicted may be sentenced up to ten years. A misdemeanor conviction for conspiracy is punishable under the guidelines of carrying out a misdemeanor crime. A conspiracy attorney in Palmetto can investigate the cause of the arrest and review case details to help prepare a solid defense strategy.

An Example of Conspiracy

A group of two or more people secretly planning to rob a bank or commit any unlawful act meets the first element necessary for a conspiracy conviction. If one or more of the group locates a getaway car, they are carrying out an overt act, and the group could face conviction for conspiracy to commit a crime.

The statute does not require that any other parties to the group carry out actions for punishment and identical charges as the person carrying out an overt act. However, while many states only require an agreement to conspire, Georgia’s statute requires one of them to take a step to complete the action.

Preparing a Defense Against Conspiracy Charges

There are several effective defense strategies against conspiracy to commit a crime, and some of those include the following:

  • Establishing that there was never an agreement or conspiracy to commit a crime between two or more people
  • Establishing that the defendant considered but withdrew from participation in the conspiracy before any members of the group carried out actions to further the crime
  • Establishing that the defendant was unaware that the plan involved unlawful actions or committing a crime
  • Establishing that there was never any intent by the individual to commit a crime

As our attorney can further explain, Palmetto conspiracy cases differ significantly from other criminal charges because the statute does not require an illegal activity to occur. An effective defense will depend on the case details and the state’s evidence presented to the court to prove its case.

Schedule a Consultation With an Experienced Palmetto Conspiracy Attorney

Conspiracy is among the most complex criminal charges a person can face. When you have been accused of conspiring to commit a crime, you need a knowledgeable Palmetto conspiracy attorney by your side.

To obtain a conviction for conspiracy, the state’s case must establish to the court beyond a reasonable doubt that the group conspired and took at least one action to execute the plan. At J. Ryan Brown law, we will do everything in our power to fight these harmful accusations and clear up any legal misunderstandings. Call today to schedule your confidential consultation.

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