Some of the people who stand to lose the most from criminal accusations are college students. Not only are they adults in the eyes of the law who are fully responsible for their actions in criminal court, but their schools may also take aggressive action to rescind privileges, issue suspensions, or even expel them. As a result, it is vital to prepare a defense against these charges in both criminal courts and school disciplinary hearings.

A Carrollton student defense lawyer is prepared to offer reliable assistance in both areas. They work to defend against any criminal charge and create reasonable doubt concerning the prosecutor’s case. At the same time, they strive to understand how your school handles disciplinary proceedings and how to prepare you for these sessions.  Contact a dedicated criminal defense attorney now to learn more.

Helping Students Facing Investigations by their Schools

Oftentimes, colleges and universities in the Carrollton area require that their students sign codes of conduct before commencing their education. These codes describe how a student should act both on campus and elsewhere. In addition, these codes describe how the school may act to investigate alleged violations and how they may pursue discipline in the event of wrongdoing.

An arrest for a criminal offense certainly falls under these categories. In fact, school security officers are often obligated to report any criminal activity that occurs on campus. Additionally, the University of West Georgia maintains its own police force. Disciplinary boards act independently of criminal courts, meaning that a school may act to issue punishment even if a criminal court does not.

These punishments can take many forms. They can include forcing a student to live off-campus, rescinding membership in clubs or athletic teams, suspensions, or even expulsions. A Carrollton student defense attorney aims to assist students who are facing these allegations. They can work to understand your school’s specific procedures and develop a defense that aims to protect your ability to continue your education.

Students Can Also Face Criminal Charges

While the punishments that may follow from a school hearing can be severe, they often pale in comparison to the consequences of a criminal conviction. Even a misdemeanor case will create a criminal record, and felonies can often come with mandatory prison sentences.

College students are subject to arrest and prosecution in the same manner as all other adults. Even so, there are some offenses that tend to affect them more frequently, including:

Convictions for any of these offenses will create a criminal record and could require you to spend time in jail. A student defense attorney in Carrolton can craft a defense against these charges that aims to minimize the impact of an arrest on a student’s life.

Reach Out to a Carrollton Student Defense Attorney Now

All accusations of wrongdoing can significantly affect a person’s life. This is especially true for students at colleges and universities who may face disciplinary action from their school in addition to criminal prosecution in court. Neither outcome necessarily affects the other, but mounting a proactive defense in each case is vital for protecting your future.

Consult with a Carrollton student defense lawyer today to learn more about your rights and your legal options. Contact us today for a free consultation regarding your case.

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