Criminal offenses involving firearms carry serious penalties that can follow you throughout your lifetime. These charges should be taken seriously, as the state often aggressively pursues a conviction in these cases. A driven criminal defense attorney can help you understand the stakes when it comes to firearm charges.

If you have been placed under arrest for a firearm crime, do not wait to take legal action to protect your rights. Contact a Carrolton firearm charge defense lawyer as soon as possible to get started on your defense.

Examples of Firearm Offenses

There are different types of firearm criminal offenses in Georgia. Some of these crimes involve the unlawful use of a firearm, such as illegally brandishing a weapon, possessing a firearm while on probation, or carrying a gun while underage. The possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is another common gun offense.

The use or possession of a gun frequently enhances the penalties associated with other underlying crimes. For example, committing assault while armed with a firearm can lead to substantially higher penalties than assault without a weapon.

If you are facing a firearm charge, a Carrollton attorney can serve as an aggressive advocate to secure a fair plea offer, negotiate the charge to a lesser offense, or take the case to trial. For many people, making the decision between an aggressive investigation, pleading guilty, or demanding a trial can be confusing. The proper legal counsel could provide helpful insight during this process.

Penalties for Firearm Crimes

Gun-related offenses greatly range in severity. Some of these charges are relatively minor misdemeanors, while others are serious felonies that could lead to substantial prison time. Misdemeanor gun charges can lead to a maximum jail term of 12 months. Local prosecutors, however, often insist on prison when a firearm is present during a crime – even drug possession.

The penalties for felony gun offenses are much higher than those for misdemeanors. Many criminal offenses involving firearms can lead to multi-year prison sentences. For example, a felon possessing a firearm will face up to ten years in prison while someone possessing a firearm during the commission of a crime will face an additional five-year sentence.

There are also collateral consequences to consider, as any conviction will result in a criminal record. Having a criminal record can make it difficult to find a job or obtain housing for years to come. If you are found convicted of a felony, you will also face additional consequences, such as losing the right to own firearms or vote. A Carrolton firearm lawyer will exercise all legal options to fight these gun charges on your behalf.

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