Based on what they see in the movies and on television, many think that bribery charges involve back-alley money exchanges between parties. Oftentimes, however, the act leading to a bribery arrest may seem completely innocent absent some context. A bribery conviction can result in hefty fines, significant prison time, and a stain on someone’s personal and professional reputation forever.

If you are facing bribery allegations, you need an experienced Carrollton bribery lawyer who understands these charges and how to fight them. Do not leave your future up to chance. Contact J. Ryan Brown Law today to schedule a confidential consultation with a skilled defense attorney.

Explaining Bribery Charges in Carrollton

The crime of bribery occurs when one person offers money, tangible gifts, or something else of value to any person acting on behalf of the state or other government agency in exchange for some sort of beneficial treatment. A bribe is not a simple present that the giver provides to the recipient out of the goodness of their heart; it involves a quid pro quo exchange in which the giver provides something in exchange for a benefit they are not entitled to. In a bribe, the money or item offered is contingent upon the recipient giving some expected beneficial treatment to the person offering the bribe. In this situation, the person offering the bribe and the person accepting a bribe may both face criminal charges.

A knowledgeable Carrollton attorney can help defendants understand the bribery charges against them and exercise their rights appropriately. Legal counsel can meet with a defendant, assess the facts of the incident in question, and then work to develop an effective defense strategy.

Bribery of a Public Official or Witness

In Carrollton, bribery charges may take a couple of different forms.

It is a criminal offense to offer or give anything of value to any state, county, municipal or federal employee, or member of the judiciary with the intention of influencing the outcome of an official act. For instance, a bribe occurs when a person offers a congressional representative a large sum of money in exchange for their agreement to vote in a certain way on a particular legislative issue. Similarly, a defendant may be charged with bribery if they offered money to a prosecutor to try and influence their decision to charge or resolve a case, or if the defendant offered money to law enforcement to be tipped off to the direction of investigations. A person could also face bribery charges for offering money to get a government employee to violate their duties. For example, a bribe occurs when a police officer pulls over a driver for speeding, and the driver offers to pay the officer money in exchange for letting them go without a ticket.

Get in Touch with a Carrollton Bribery Attorney

Whether you are in the private or public sector, you have a lot at stake if you face bribery allegations. Charges of this nature can have an extremely damaging effect on your reputation and, if convicted, lead to substantial monetary fines and jail time. If you are a politician or public official, you could lose your political career. You need to take these charges very seriously.

You should not try to handle a bribery charge on your own. A seasoned defense attorney from J. Ryan Brown Law is here to guide you from start to finish of your legal proceedings. Reach out to our firm today to speak with a diligent Carrollton bribery lawyer who knows what to do and how to help.

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