If you have been arrested for actions related to prostitution, you need someone who believes in your right to be heard—someone who can build a strong defense against the charges and will fight for you. You are entitled to be represented by an attorney, so contact a Carrollton prostitution lawyer at J. Ryan Brown Law to begin the process. A dedicated defense attorney at our firm is ready to start fighting on your behalf today.

Prostitution in Georgia Defined

According to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated §16-6-9, the elements of a prostitution charge consist of offering to perform or accept the performance of a sexual act for money or something else of value. Thus, the seller of the sexual services and the buyer can be charged with a prostitution crime. Georgia identifies but does not limit sex acts to intercourse and sodomy.

Additional prostitution-related charges codified under Georgia law include owning and running a location where prostitution occurs, and pimping. Actions that are considered pimping include:

  • Brokering a deal with a client to provide a prostitute
  • Delivering a prostitute to a client
  • Collecting and retaining part of the fee a client pays for prostitution services
  • Assisting a prostitute by providing any of life’s necessities or protection if a client turns violent in exchange for a portion of the prostitution profits

Prostitution and related offenses of pimping and pandering cannot all be explained away as “criminals committing crimes.” Many people charged with prostitution are victims, with an estimated 350 girls trafficked or coerced into providing sexual services in Georgia each month. Some adults engage in this activity out of desperation to feed and house themselves. We represent all people charged with prostitution no matter their circumstances.

Penalties for Prostitution and Related Offenses

Prostitution charges carry up to 12 months in jail if convicted of the offense and up to a $1,000 fine. People convicted of prostitution within 1,000 feet of a church, school, playground, or children’s recreation center face a $2,500 fine if convicted. An aggressive Carrollton attorney can help fight these prostitution charges by presenting suitable defenses to the jury.

Defenses to Prostitution Charges

Criminal defense attorneys study evidence, witness statements, client testimonials, and police reports to determine the optimal course of action when representing people on prostitution charges. Generally, they look for defenses to the charges which will preclude the jury from finding the person guilty.

With the increase in cases involving trafficking and coercion, one of the more successful defenses against prostitution is that the accused person did not engage in the activity willingly but feared they would be harmed or killed if they did not comply.

Other defenses a Carrollton attorney will consider are a lack of evidence, mistaken identity, or that the accused has an alibi and could not have done the act of prostitution. One lesser-used defense that can be explored is entrapment, in which an undercover law enforcement officer deceives the accused, who would ordinarily not engage in such acts. To discuss possible defense strategies after a charge of prostitution, contact our firm to speak with a knowledgeable Carrollton attorney.

A Carrollton Prostitution Attorney Upholds Your Right to be Heard

Prostitution charges  are taken very seriously in Georgia. Local law enforcement is diligently pursuing these cases due to the recent uptick in sex crimes and an ever-growing problem of trafficking young people.

If you face prostitution charges, it is important to know that you have legal options. At J. Ryan Brown Law, we strive to protect your rights and present the most effective defense possible in your case. Contact a Carrollton prostitution lawyer at our firm today to begin putting these charges behind you.

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