Drug-related offenses are some of the most common in the area. The charges might result from the police finding a controlled substance in a person’s possession, in their vehicle, or inside their home. Regardless, a conviction for a drug charge can have life-changing consequences.

A skilled defense attorney could help you fight back against these charges and for a favorable outcome. In many cases, the state will agree to dismiss charges or reduce them to lesser offenses, but you do not want to pursue these options without a Carrollton drug lawyer in your corner.

Classifying Drug Crimes in Carrollton

A common drug-related offense involves the possession of a controlled substance. Whether or not this offense is treated as a felony or a misdemeanor largely depends on the type of narcotic or prescription drug involved in the case.

Possessing a controlled substance is typically considered a felony offense. However, the major caveat to that rule involves the possession of marijuana. While possessing small amounts of marijuana can lead to less consequential misdemeanor charges, large amounts are treated as a felony.

While the charges associated with substance offenses often involve illegal narcotics, an arrest could also stem from the unauthorized possession of a prescription drug. As soon as you have been arrested for a drug offense, it is crucial to retain an attorney familiar with the laws in Carrollton and possible defenses to advocate for you.

Potential Defenses to a Drug Charge

There are many potential defenses to build in a possession case. For example, constitutional issues, a lack of evidence, authorization concerns, and mistaken identity could all be considered.

Constitutional Issues

One of the common defenses to a drug crime involves the violation of the constitutional rights of the accused. Many drug arrests are based on evidence obtained during a police search. If this search violated your rights, a local attorney could have the evidence excluded from trial.

The police may not search your car or your home on a whim. If they do not have a warrant or probable cause, the search is invalid under the law.

Lack of Evidence

The state alone has the burden to prove a person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. There are times when the best defense option is to simply highlight the state’s inability to prove guilt. Notably, this option also does not require the defense to highlight other suspects or offer alternative scenarios.


Some individuals have the authorization to possess controlled substances, such as a patient who has been prescribed a medication or a researcher licensed to handle controlled substances. This authorization could be a valid defense to a Carrollton drug charge with the assistance of the right lawyer.

Mistaken Identity

The police can make mistakes during an investigation. In fact, they could identify the wrong individual entirely during the surveillance portion of a drug operation. This could lead to charges against a person who was not involved in criminal activity.

Call a Carrollton Drug Attorney Right Away to Build Your Defense

A conviction for substance possession could change your life forever. While it is easy to despair following a drug arrest, it is important to remember that your conviction is never guaranteed.

A Carrollton drug lawyer could help you develop a defense strategy and fight back against the charges you are facing. Call right away for a private consultation.

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