Federal and state law enforcement agencies take white-collar crimes such as fraud very seriously. The government thoroughly investigates the actions of businesses and their executives, constantly checking for evidence of fraud. Sometimes, the people and companies involved in the alleged fraud incidents might not even realize a crime has occurred.

If you learn that a government agency is investigating you or your company for fraud, it is critical that you reach out for experienced legal advice. A knowledgeable Carrollton fraud lawyer understands the high stakes involved in fraud claims and can help you navigate the criminal process. Let a skilled attorney from J. Ryan Brown Law help you clear up any legal misunderstandings today.

What is Fraud?

The crime of fraud happens when one person purposely deceives another person to maximize their own interests. A fraudulent act occurs when a person does something dishonestly or deceitfully to gain some advantage that they would not have had lawful access to in normal circumstances. The advantage must be something of value and can include someone else’s money, access to someone else’s financial resources, benefits, or other favors.

During a private consultation, a seasoned Carrollton attorney can further explain fraud charges and how they might affect a particular defendant.

Different Types of Insurance Fraud in Carrollton

Residents of Carrollton can face charges for several different types of insurance fraud.

Homeowner’s Insurance Fraud

Homeowner’s insurance fraud occurs when people destroy or damage their homes to collect insurance benefits. One example would be if someone intentionally sets fire to their house to defraud their insurance company and collect benefits.

Automobile Insurance Fraud

Like homeowner’s insurance fraud, car insurance fraud occurs when a person stages a car crash to collect damages. It also can happen when a person asks for reimbursement for fake repair claims.

Health Insurance Fraud

A wide variety of incidents can amount to health insurance fraud. It commonly occurs when someone files fake medical claims to obtain money from an insurance company. A doctor who bills for care that never happened can also commit health insurance fraud, as can a person who allows their friend or relative to receive care under their insurance policy.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fraud

Sometimes, workers exaggerate the severity of their workplace injuries or even fake injuries to collect disability and other workers’ compensation benefits.

Other types of insurance fraud that can also result in criminal charges include unemployment and life insurance fraud. If someone has been accused of partaking in any of these forms of fraud, they should contact a local attorney as soon as possible to discuss their legal options.

Other Types of Fraud Seen in Carrollton Criminal Courts

In addition to insurance fraud, defendants can also face criminal penalties for committing other fraudulent offenses, including the following:

  • Identity fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Money laundering
  • Prescription drug fraud
  • Forgery
  • Credit card fraud
  • Mail and wire fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Food Stamp Fraud

Carrollton attorneys have vast experience successfully defending people facing all kinds of fraud charges. They know how to thoroughly investigate the facts in these cases and look for exculpatory evidence. Legal professionals also have a deep understanding of how Georgia state and federal courts work, which is extremely helpful when it comes to crafting an effective defense strategy.

Schedule a Consultation with a Carrollton Fraud Attorney

Allegations that you have committed fraud can have dire consequences on your life. Depending on the situation, you might lose credibility within your community, both professionally and personally.

Working with an experienced Carrollton fraud lawyer from J. Ryan Brown Law can help you to preserve your rights and protect your future. Our seasoned attorney can confidently guide you through every step of the legal process and help you prepare a solid legal defense. Contact our firm today to get started.

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