The most severe charges a person may face in Carrollton criminal court are murder charges. In these cases, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant causes another person’s death with malice aforethought. Alternatively, prosecutors may attempt to show that a death resulted from the commission of another felony – this is called felony murder. In any event, the minimum sentence when someone is convicted of Murder in Carrollton is life in prison.

A Carrollton murder lawyer can help you if you face accusations that you or a loved one committed murder.  A seasoned defense attorney can work to explain the concept of murder under state law and why the case is moving forward in this way. They will also evaluate the evidence that a prosecutor intends to bring to trial, challenge the police methods used to obtain this information, and make cogent and persuasive arguments on your behalf in and out of court. Additionally, from the onset lawyers with J. Ryan Brown Law will begin prepping your murder case for trial, because murder cases are exceptionally less likely to result in a plea than other felony cases.

Definition of Murder Under the Law

Many assume that any event that results in a person’s death can result in a murder charge in Carrollton court. Thankfully, this is not the case.

The central concept that separates a murder case from any other criminal charge resulting in death is the idea of intent. In short, prosecutors should only pursue murder charges if they have evidence that a person acted in a way that shows an intent to cause harm or death to the deceased. If there is no evidence of this intent, the case should move forward as an example of manslaughter, a less severe accusation.

The Versions of Murder

State law outlines two versions of murder under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 16-5-1. Malice murder applies in situations where a defendant supposedly causes the death of another with malice aforethought. In simple words, this means that the defendant acted with the deliberate intent to take the life of another. Felony murder include situations where a death results from the commission of another felony, such as assault, arson, or robbery.

Second-degree murder charges can follow when a defendant supposedly commits the act of cruelty to children and causes the death of another. This is a charge that is relatively new in Georgia and is not as commonly used by prosecutors as Malice Murder and Felony Murder.

A malice murder or felony murder conviction comes with severe consequences. Under the statute, convictions will result in a life sentence – or even the death penalty in certain circumstances. 2nd Degree murder carries with it a sentence of somewhere between 10 years and 30 years in prison. A Carrollton attorney is ready to provide more information about murder charges and the potential consequences.

Building Potent Defenses Against Murder Charges

Murder cases can be among the most complex that move forward in the criminal courts. This is not only due to the high stakes at play in these matters but also because of the complicated nature of much of the evidence. Prosecutors will do all they can to obtain seemingly powerful evidence that speaks to a defendant’s supposed guilt. It is vital to be able to contest this evidence at every opportunity.

A Carrollton attorney will provide a strong defense against murder from day one. This includes obtaining additional evidence that speaks to a person’s innocence, contesting the legality of police work that led to an arrest, or even putting forward defenses that allege self-defense (or other reasons why a person should not be responsible for a death). Talking with a lawyer now allows them to provide immediate support.

Contact a Carrollton Murder Attorney for the Protection You Need

Accusations that you have intentionally caused the death of another person are the most serious possible under state law. Murder cases will always draw the prosecutor’s full attention, and they will stop at nothing to obtain a conviction. It is critical that you be prepared to fight back at every opportunity.

Hiring a Carrollton murder lawyer can prove essential in obtaining a favorable outcome for your case. A dedicated defense attorney is ready to explore the facts of the situation, explain your rights, and develop defenses that look to defeat the prosecutor’s case. Call J. Ryan Brown Law for the help you need.

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