A lot is at stake when someone is accused of stalking. Those who decide to represent themselves may find themselves facing off against a skilled prosecutor who has handled thousands of cases. It is always worthwhile to find skilled legal counsel.

The defense attorneys at J. Ryan Brown Law are well-versed in criminal law, trials, and the art of successful negotiations. A Carrollton stalking lawyer from our firm could have what it takes to reach a positive resolution in your case.

What Is Considered Stalking Under State Law?

In Georgia, for a prosecutor to secure a conviction based on stalking charges, they do not have to establish that someone experienced physical harm or even a reasonable fear of physical harm. Under O.C.G.A. §16-5-90, a person commits the act of stalking when they follow someone, place someone under surveillance, or contact someone without the other persons permission intending to harass or intimidate them. Examples of actions under this definition include:

  • Unwanted social media messages
  • Unwanted texts
  • Unwanted phone calls
  • Taking unwanted videos or photos
  • Following a person around without consent

A Carrollton stalking lawyer knows what questions to ask to uncover the real story throughout a meticulous investigation and discovery process.

Impact of a Stalking Conviction

If convicted of stalking an individual is guilty of the criminal offense of stalking, that individual is looking at up to $1000 in fines and a potential jail sentence of up to one year. Upon a second conviction, however, the charge becomes a felony and carries up to ten years in prison. Prison time could mean someone loses their job and, in some cases, their parental rights. Any criminal conviction can mean an individual’s image is cast into the spotlight for public scrutiny.

In short, a stalking charge should not be taken lightly. To this end, someone facing charges should be careful about every word they utter or write online. A Carrollton stalking attorney could ensure an accused individual understands their rights and help that individual work to mitigate the possibility of a conviction.

Defending Against Accusations of Stalking

Defending against accusations of stalking in a court of law is nothing like going back and forth with an accuser via text or social media. The prosecutor representing the accuser must establish the occurrence of unwanted contact that was designed to intimidate or harass or intimidate. They must also prove the contact was without the alleged victims permission. Though the prosecutor has the burden of proving stalking occurred beyond a reasonable doubt, they are skilled in legal argumentation, meaning it is always wise for an accused person to retain their own defense lawyer.

Possible defenses against stalking charges include:

  • The wrong person is being accused
  • There was consent
  • The conduct was not knowing or willful
  • The conduct was not intended to harass or intimidate

A Carrollton attorney could determine what defense strategy offers the best chance of being able to negotiate a reduction or dismissal of the specific stalking charges someone is facing.

Contact a Carrollton Stalking Attorney to Start Building Your Defense

A stalking conviction could derail a person’s career and take away their livelihood. As such, anyone facing charges should exercise their right to retain a dedicated attorney. A Carrollton stalking lawyer is ready and available to speak with you about your case and possible next steps for working toward a favorable outcome.

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