Teenagers and young adults often lack the experience and foresight to fully comprehend the consequences of their actions. Unfortunately, it is not unusual to see high school and college students with a newfound freedom to engage in activities that may lead to criminal charges.

Often, receiving a criminal charge can come as a slap in the face. However, retaining an experienced defense attorney can prove crucial for students who wish to avoid academic and criminal consequences that can permanently impact their future. A poor decision made during your youth should not ruin the rest of your life. Let a Newnan student defense lawyer provide the assistance you need during this time to get your life back on track.

The Penalties for Students Convicted of a Crime

The consequences for students who are found guilty of a crime are initially the same as any other adult, meaning they often include fines, jail time, or probation. In some cases, students might also find themselves without a driver’s license, affecting their ability to commute to and from school or work.

However, there are additional penalties for students that can have a lasting impact on their lives. Financial aid, scholarships, and campus opportunities may be lost as a result of school disciplinary actions. In some cases, a student may even be permanently expelled.

Additionally, establishing a criminal record prior to having an established career path can hinder a student for years. These long-term consequences make retaining a well-versed attorney familiar with student crime law in Newnan a potentially vital act.

Non-Criminal Activities That May Require Legal Assistance

Students may also face several consequences for actions that do not rise to a criminal or illegal level. For example, students are typically under honor systems employed and enforced by their schools or universities. When a student is caught cheating or plagiarizing, they violate that honor code and are subject to disciplinary action by the school board.

While violation of an honor code will not land a student in court, it can land them square in a proceeding that can determine their education within their current school and any future school they wish to attend. These proceedings are vastly different from a court proceeding but may involve similar elements, such as an investigation and admission of evidence.

Fortunately, Newnan students have the right to build a defense with a lawyer who is familiar with the disciplinary process. These representatives can assist an accused student with building a defense and challenging both the evidence and accusations, potentially avoiding expulsion or disciplinary actions that have the potential to affect the accused student’s education.

Discuss Your Legal Options with a Newnan Student Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one is facing accusations of criminal or dishonorable activity, a Newnan student defense lawyer may be able to provide the help needed.

Our team is familiar with the disciplinary systems put in place and can utilize our knowledge on your behalf. Contact our office to speak with an experienced and caring advocate today who is ready to take on your case.

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