Every person who receives a citation for a traffic offense must appear before a criminal court on the date specified in the citation. If the person fails to appear for their traffic violation, the traffic bureau no longer has jurisdiction over the case and the case can be transferred to the prosecuting attorney so they can file an accusation. Further, if you don’t show up, the Court may issue a bench warrant for you.

The penalty for a willful failure to appear can result in a fine of up to $200 and a possible incarceration for three days. Additionally, if your drivers license was displayed in lieu of you having to post bail, your license may be suspended by the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

A Newnan failure to appear lawyer will be able to help people who failed to appear in court as required. This may include the defense attorney handling the failure to appear and trying to have a bench warrant vacated. Having the bench warrant, if issued, lifted is a critical step in making sure you don’t sit in jail.

People without Prior Criminal Charges Missing a Court Date

Criminal courts rely upon their power to make people appear when necessary. If you have received notice to appear in court via citation or in mail, then you must appear in court. If you do not appear, you may face failure to appear charges and the Court may issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

Criminal Defendants Missing a Court Date in Newnan

Criminal courts are invested in ensuring that criminal defendants appear for all future court dates. The bail system exists as a way for the court to bring a financial incentive to try to ensure compliance. Even so, people out on bail may miss a future court session.

Someone out on bail missing a court date can be punished with a variety of consequences. For example, the defendant can be charged with failure to appear. Additionally, the Court may issue a bench warrant. Either of these can compound an already serious situation that you are facing.

Not appearing as a defendant when required will likely result in a revocation of bail, which means that if someone posted a cash bond for you, they may forfeit thousands of dollars. If a bondsman posted your bond, they may try to find you to return you to the jail and come off of your bond.  The court will also issue a warrant for that person’s arrest, leaving them in fear that any moment can result in a confrontation with police and a subsequent arrest. After a bench warrant issues, it can be difficult to have the bench warrant lifted.

Contact a Newnan Failure to Appear Attorney Today

The criminal court has broad powers to require people to appear before it. This includes failures to appear and the issuance of bench warrant. Not having a sufficient reason for missing court can result in the payment of fines or additional time spent in jail.

A Newnan failure to appear lawyer will help to avoid potential negative outcomes. They work to understand why you did not show up and obtain evidence that justifies this nonappearance. They can also argue for a reinstatement of bail. Call now to learn more about your legal options.

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