Any criminal conviction will have an impact on a person’s life. Whether this conviction came from an admission of guilt or was the product of a jury’s verdict, this outcome will remain on your criminal record. This record can make it difficult to obtain a job, go back to school, or find a safe place to live.

Thankfully, there is a way under state law to remove these negative marks from one’s criminal record. As long as enough time has passed, the petitioner has remained out of trouble, and the conviction falls within the applicable categories. A Newnan expungement lawyer will help you to evaluate your eligibility for this program. A skilled criminal defense attorney can submit the necessary information to the proper court to ensure you have the best chance of success.

Why Seek Out an Expungement?

It is difficult to estimate how a criminal record will impact your future. From a background check standpoint, once someone is expunged, they can truthfully state that they have never been convicted of a crime.

Even if third parties do not ask you whether you have been convicted of a crime, expungement removes those negative marks from all civilian background checks. This means that if a school, employer, or apartment landowner performs these checks, the check will come back clean.

This being so, it is important to understand that the conviction will still remain in the justice system. This means that if the expunged person gets in trouble in the future, courts can use a prior conviction as evidence of them being a repeat offender when considering a new sentence. A Newnan attorney can further explain how being expunged can erase your record and make a positive different in your life.

The Legal Process When Getting Expunged in Newnan

Getting expunged is rarely automatic, and not every person with a criminal record is eligible for this process. This only applies to individuals with certain convictions on their criminal records. the following types of cases may apply:

  • Cases without a conviction are generally eligible for restriction.
  • Were convicted of certain misdemeanors before you turned 21 years old so long as the sentence is complete and you have a clean record for five years before applying.
  • Cases that are dead docketed or dismissed after completion of a pretrial diversion program.

Felony convictions in Georgia are generally not eligible for restriction. If you qualify, however, a Newnan expungement attorney can help to evaluate your experience in criminal court to determine if you are likely to qualify for this program. A skilled legal team takes the lead in submitting comprehensive applications to the proper parties and guides you confidently through the process.

Reach Out to a Newnan Expungement Attorney Immediately

Not every criminal conviction needs to follow you for the rest of your life. If the offense occurred while you were young, you were charged with a felony, but convicted of an unrelated misdemeanor it can be possible to legally restrict access your criminal record.

A Newnan expungement lawyer can evaluate whether you are eligible to be expunged and the steps that you must take to receive a fresh start. Contact an accomplished attorney today to set up an appointment.

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