Facing charges of solicitation can be scary. This charge has the potential to harm your reputation and possibly result in incarceration. A jail or prison sentence can alter your life forever, as can the possible fines. Requesting another to engage in a felony of some kind may result in this serious charge.

If you face charges like this, let an experienced Newnan solicitation lawyer assist you in your defense. A committed attorney could help you prepare to defend your rights and fight back against these charges.

Handling Solicitation Charges

Georgia Code § 16-4-7 states that a person commits the offense of solicitation if they request, solicit, command, importune, or attempt to cause someone to engage in a felony. A Newnan attorney could further explain how this statute plays a part in a solicitation case.

The requested act must be that of a felony to fit under this particular statute. For example, a request to solicit a burglary of another person’s residence could result in a charge for the person who requested the illegal act.

What is an Inchoate Crime?

Solicitation is a type of inchoate crime. This is a type of act that occurs before the actual crime. Even though the felony act has not yet been performed, an illegal act occurs simply by trying to procure or solicit the act.

The person may be guilty of the offense for hiring or paying another person to commit a crime. While this is a common occurrence with solicitation charges, payment is not necessary. A person may be charged for asking or even encouraging another to commit a felony offense.

Penalties for Soliciting a Crime in Newnan

If a person is convicted of a solicitation offense, they may face between one and three years in prison. Simply asking someone else to commit a felony could lead the person charged could face this serious amount of time. As a result, a strong criminal defense is critical to protecting their rights.

If a person solicits another to commit a crime that carries the death penalty or a sentence of life imprisonment—such as murder—the crime can instead carry a penalty of one to five years. This is typical in hire to murder plots or accusations of similar conduct.

For further information about what the specific penalties for soliciting a crime in Newnan are, call a dedicated attorney now.

Defending Solicitation Charges

If dealing with these potentially serious charges, a person needs an equally serious criminal defense. The right legal strategy may help protect their rights and help keep them out of prison. Some defenses may even result in a dismissal of the case in the right circumstances.

Common defenses to solicitation charges include, but are not limited to:

  • Lack of evidence to support the charge
  • File a suppression motion to keep out unconstitutionally collected evidence
  • Challenge witness statements and testimony
  • Present reasonable doubt to the charges
  • Investigate the case to find weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case

Each of these defenses and many others could assist in getting an acquittal, a reduction in the charges, or even a dismissal. Every solicitation case in Newnan is different and requires the attention of a skilled defense attorney.

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