There are severe consequences if you are convicted of bribing someone. These offenses severely punish those convicted of bribing a public official for some benefit. Prosecutors take bribery charges very seriously. They will pursue them vigorously to deter others from engaging in the same conduct. Often, they are overzealous and fail to see if you actually committed this offense.

Let an experienced Newnan bribery lawyer present your case and your defense. A consultation with a criminal defense attorney may reveal a winning strategy for your case.

What is Considered Bribing Someone in Newman?

Bribery is defined under Georgia Code Section 16-10-2. It may occur in one of two ways. The first is when a person offers or gives to another person acting on behalf of or for a political subdivision or the state a reward, benefit, or consideration. This is done for the purpose of influencing a public official to use their power in a way that benefits the defendant in an improper way.

The second way is where the public official receives, solicits, accepts, or agrees to accept something of value to do something in their official capacity. If this is done for an improper purpose, a bribery charge may be appropriate.

Who is Considered a Public Official?

Public officials are those elected, appointed, or employed by a government agency or political subdivision. These might include:

  • City councilors
  • State representatives
  • Government officials
  • Postal workers
  • Government employees
  • Judges
  • Police officers

These and many others may be considered a public official for the purposes of the bribery statute, as a Newnan attorney will further explain.

Elements of a Bribery Charge

To prove their case, the prosecutor must prove certain elements of an offense in order to get a conviction. This includes that an offer or gift was given with the purpose to corruptly influence, and that the person who received or solicited the offer was a public official.

A prosecutor must prove these bribery elements beyond a reasonable doubt. If they cannot, the person accused of the crime is not guilty. Too many prosecutors try to convince people they are guilty and should simply plead to the crime. With the support of a qualified Newnan attorney, a criminal defense may protect against potential penalties for bribing someone.

Defenses for a Newnan Bribery Charge

If trying to defend against an accusation like this, the accused needs every advantage they can get. Certain defenses may be available that could reduce the charges, get an acquittal, or even result in a dismissal of the charges. Every case is unique and an analysis of the facts may determine the best defensive strategy moving forward.

Defenses that may apply in a case like this include the:

  • Bribe was for something outside the official duties of the public official
  • Alleged bribe is not considered a thing of value
  • Gift or offer was not made with an intent to corruptly influence
  • Gift or offer did not exist

These defenses and several others could apply to the bribery charge. To learn more about what could be used as a defense against a bribery offense, call a Newnan attorney now.

Call a Newnan Bribery Attorney Now to Learn More

These types of criminal charges can affect your life forever. You could face serious penalties that includes multiple years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. To defend your case, you need a comprehensive defense strategy to protect you. Let an experienced Newnan bribery lawyer fight for your rights and freedoms. Contact our office today to begin this legal process.

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