Almost everyone has seen blue lights flashing in their rearview mirror at one point or another and ended up with a ticket. In theory, resolving this kind of situation should be as simple as paying the fine assessed against you and moving on with your life—but as anyone who has had more than one traffic offense on their record knows, failing to challenge a ticket can sometimes have serious, long-term repercussions.

Regardless of your record or the type of offense you were ticketed for, seeking help from a Griffin traffic lawyer can make a big difference in cases like this. While it is possible to fight against unjust traffic tickets and achieve positive outcomes in traffic court, doing so without a seasoned defense attorney’s representation may prove deeply challenging.

The Potential Impact of Multiple Traffic Convictions

A single ticket for speeding, missing a light, or any other moving violation may not seem like a huge problem. In addition to a fine, the Georgia Department of Driver Services will track every traffic offense a licensed driver in the state commits and assign point values to each instance. For example, most moving violations are worth three points, but speeding can be anywhere from two to six points depending on how far over the posted limit someone was driving.

Understanding how this point system works is extremely important. Anyone over 21 who gets 15 or more points put on their license within 24 consecutive months can have their driver’s license suspended. DDS holds younger drivers to even harsher standards, as it will pursue a license suspension for any driver under 21 who obtains four points or more. If someone has further questions about the point value of specific traffic violations, or faces a suspension of their license, they should discuss their case with a skilled Griffin traffic attorney.

Why Is Legal Counsel So Important in Traffic Cases?

After completing a certified driver improvement/defensive driving course, state law allows residents to request a Points Reduction of up to seven points every five years. If a driver does not contest any of the points on their license, they will remain on a driver’s record indefinitely. Because of this, it can sometimes be crucial to contest traffic offenses in Griffin with a seasoned attorney’s help. This points reduction can only be requested every five years, but it may be requested in the same five years that a zero-point order is requested.

However, traffic courts are hectic places where judges must get through an abnormally high number of cases every day. Going into this situation unprepared can substantially reduce a claimant’s chances of getting their ticket thrown out and may even lead to higher fines and/or additional penalties. A Griffin traffic attorney can help someone understand what answers to give to questions in court and the implications of different pleas.

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Navigating traffic court and effectively protecting your rights can be an exceptionally complex process, especially without the guidance of seasoned legal counsel.

Allow a Griffin traffic lawyer to help you preserve your best interests from start to finish of your case. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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