In Georgia, allegations of violence towards family or household members are taken very seriously by law enforcement. Such allegations can lead to severe repercussions in terms of criminal penalties and restrictions on your personal freedoms. Unfortunately, handling an accusation or criminal charge of this nature effectively can be a complicated task, especially if you try to manage your court case without professional legal guidance.

A seasoned Griffin domestic violence lawyer’s help can prove vital in obtaining a favorable resolution to your unique criminal case. Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense classified as domestic violence, a skilled defense attorney can tirelessly advocate on your behalf and ensure your rights are enforced throughout your legal proceedings.

What Qualifies as “Domestic Violence” in Griffin?

Like many other states, Georgia does not define “domestic violence” as a distinct criminal offense, but as one of several separately defined offenses committed against certain people. According to Official Code of Georgia §19-13-1, “family violence” entails someone committing a felony or misdemeanor offense against a past or current spouse, a relative by blood or marriage, a foster parent or child, or any past or current housemate or roommate. Examples of such offenses include:

  • Assault or Simple Assault
  • Simple battery or battery
  • Criminal damage to property
  • Criminal trespass
  • Stalking
  • Aggravated Assault
  • False Imprisonment

Notably, a person in Georgia does not need to inflict actual physical harm on a household or family member to be charged with or convicted of a domestic violence offense. For example, it is possible to commit simple assault against another person without ever physically touching them. This is because this offense specifically entails threatening someone else with bodily harm or putting them in reasonable fear that they will imminently be harmed. A Griffin domestic violence attorney could go into further detail about actions that may or may not constitute a family violence charge during a confidential consultation.

Potential Sanctions from a Domestic Violence Conviction

The criminal penalties that a domestic violence conviction may lead to can vary significantly depending on the offense a defendant is charged with. However, even if a domestic violence charge is not punishable by substantial fines or a lengthy term of incarceration, there are various other administrative penalties that a court may impose against a convicted defendant as an alternative.

Based on advice from the Georgia Commission on Family Violence, a domestic violence conviction may result in several punishments. Examples include mandatory restitution to people impacted by the defendant’s actions, referrals for drug or alcohol addiction evaluations, participation in a domestic violence intervention program, and long-term monitoring to ensure the defendant follows the terms of a protective order. An attorney in Griffin can provide more specific information about what sanctions might apply in a particular domestic violence scenario.

Consider Working with a Griffin Domestic Violence Attorney

You have the right to contest any criminal accusation against you, including those categorized as family violence under state law. However, these cases can be especially challenging to get through proactively, particularly for those with prior offenses of the same nature on their records.

A Griffin domestic violence lawyer can provide the custom-tailored legal support you might need to secure the most favorable case result possible. Call our firm today to discuss your unique case with a dedicated attorney.

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