Going to college or university is a monumental period in a young person’s life. This is a time of self-discovery, with many students taking full advantage of the opportunity to learn about themselves and what kind of future they want to secure. Unfortunately, some choices that college students may make in the short term can sometimes lead to criminal charges. Since these students are usually legal adults, poor decisions can result in life-altering sanctions in adult criminal court.

Because criminal charges against college students can involve both court prosecution and disciplinary action from their school, it is vital to seek help from a defense attorney with experience handling similar situations. By working with a knowledgeable Griffin student defense lawyer, you can give yourself or your child the greatest chance of resolving their case positively and minimizing any potential impact it may have on their future.

Mitigating the Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

Local and state-level police are very familiar with the activities that unsupervised college students get up to, and are willing to pursue charges against students they arrest for violating state law. Some particularly common offenses that a Griffin student defense attorney can help address include:

For a young student, having a conviction on their record could permanently cut them off from pursuing further education, receiving certain job opportunities, and sometimes even living in certain apartments or housing complexes. Being convicted of any felony is an exponentially more serious situation, since it will almost always lead to a lengthy prison term, even for young or first-time offenders.

Handling Conduct Violations at School

Another unique aspect of criminal charges filed against college students, which makes ensuing cases especially complex, is that virtually anything prohibited by state law will also be banned by the code of conduct a student’s school holds them to. Even if an arrested student is later acquitted in court or has their charges dismissed, they may still face substantial penalties from their school’s administration—which often oversees disciplinary proceedings that work very differently than a court trial.

In most situations, students who go before student council boards or similar administrative bodies are not guaranteed many of the same basic rights they would have in criminal court. This may potentially include the right to have legal counsel present during their hearing. However, even if a student defense attorney in Griffin cannot personally accompany a student into this kind of proceeding, they can still help prepare a comprehensive defense strategy and plan responses to questions they are likely to be asked.

Speak with a Griffin Student Defense Attorney as Soon as Possible

College is an immensely consequential period in the life of just about every person who seeks higher education—sometimes for less-than-ideal reasons. Even if you have no history of other criminal convictions, charges, or even arrests, a single allegation made against you while at school can have devastating implications that may last a lifetime.

The assistance you may need to protect your rights proactively is available from a qualified Griffin student defense lawyer. Contact our firm to schedule a consultation today.

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