You are ready to move on to the next chapter of your life, but you have domestic abuse allegations lingering over your head. Accusations of spousal abuse can put your name, reputation, hard-earned money, parental rights and most importantly your freedom at risk.

To defend your right, you need first-class legal services from a skilled domestic violence defense law firm. An experienced Carrollton spousal abuse lawyer can refute the frivolous claims levelled against you to help you move forward with your life.

What Are Allegations of Spousal Abuse

Spousal abuse could take many forms that all fall under the umbrella of the family violence act. Charges can stem from simple allegations with no basis from an estranged spouse. Depending on the allegation, the charge could be:

A keen Carrollton spousal abuse attorney can help you navigate these murky waters and develop a defense to the charges against you..

What to Do if You Are Under Investigation for Spousal Abuse

When law enforcement receives notice of potential spousal abuse, they should perform an investigation to determine the validity of the accusation, but they have been known to simply accept the complaining witnesses version of events. The most important thing to do when law enforcement contacts you is to invoke your right to remain silent and not speak to law enforcement. They are trained to trick people into statements that can be used against them.

Defending Spousal Abuse Accusations

People may make unfounded accusations of spousal abuse for financial reasons, to attempt to keep custody of the children, or to hurt a spouse who decided to leave a relationship. Possible issues with the state’s case that an attorney can raise in favor of an individual facing these allegations include:

  • An insufficient police report
  • The accuser’s injuries were self-inflicted
  • The accused was acting in self-defense
  • The accuser fabricated the entire situation
  • Medical evidence indicating gaps in time between the injuries and the alleged incident of spousal abuse
  • No evidence of an altercation
  • The accuser was high or drunk and therefore cannot remember events accurately

A Carrollton attorney could help build a solid defense to help someone facing unfounded accusations of spousal abuse.

Contact a Carrollton Spousal Abuse Attorney Now

Time is of the essence when defending yourself against claims of spousal abuse. Remember, when you are facing this type of allegation, the first thing to do is invoke your right to remain to silent. Then, listen to the advice of your Carrollton spousal abuse lawyer.

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