Living with a roommate comes with inevitable challenges. From trying to coordinate a schedule to who controls the AC, little disagreements can quickly get out of hand. In many cases, there is a pattern of a roommate attempting to engage in certain acts to pressure the other person to move out so that they can solely take over the lease.

If you are facing wrong or false domestic violence accusations, you could use the help of an analytical Carrollton roommate violence lawyer.

Roommate Violence Defined

In Georgia, there are no separate laws for roommate violence charges. Those accused of acts of aggression against a roommate may find themselves facing charges under Georgia’s Family Violence Act. Under § 19-13-1 of this Act, family violence can involve:

These actions fall under the Family Violence Act when they involve intimate partners, biological parents, foster parents, and individuals who previously or are currently living in the same residence.

Under this definition, allegations of roommate violence would be considered violent acts between persons living or formerly living in the same house. Those who are dealing with accusations of roommate violence should reach out to a strategic Carrollton defense attorney to discuss their legal rights.

Roommate Violence Can Lead to Felony or Misdemeanor Charges

The penalties that come with a conviction for roommate violence vary based on whether the underlying charge is a felony or a misdemeanor. The most common offense involved with accusations of roommate violence is simple assault, which is a misdemeanor. Assault can involve direct and unwanted physical contact with another person or placing someone in fear this contact will occur. Penalties for a simple assault conviction include up to one year in jail and fines not to exceed one thousand dollars.

Assault charges become aggravated (a felony) when evidence establishes the accused individual:

  • Intended to kill
  • Attempted strangulation
  • Attempted non-consensual sexual intercourse
  • Intentionally stole another person’s property
  • Used a dangerous weapon or object to inflict personal injuries

A conviction for aggravated assault carry prison sentences ranging from three to twenty years. When someone faces charges for simple or aggravated assault and battery based in roommate violence, they could contact an experienced Carrollton lawyer for assistance with building a defense.

Possible Defenses Against Accusations of Roommate Violence

Developing a persuasive defense strategy starts with a comprehensive investigation into:

  • Police reports
  • The nature and history of the relationship between the accused and the accuser
  • Specific details of the incident leading to the involvement of law enforcement
  • Any other relevant paper, video, or photographic evidence, including social media posts and personal profiles

After reviewing this information, our attorneys could then start to collect statements from witnesses such as neighbors, employers, co-workers, business partners, family, children, and friends. Your Carrollton attorney could then formulate decisive legal arguments and present them on your behalf in pursuit of a reduction of charges resulting from roommate violence.

Reach Out to a Carrollton Roommate Violence Attorney

Bitter roommates can make up lies, twist events, and attempt to hide their own immoral acts. Nonetheless, allegations of roommate violence could lead to someone losing scholarships, college housing, a job, and much more. With all that is on the line, you deserve to work with a Carrollton roommate violence lawyer with a proven record of providing efficient, effective, and thorough legal services. Call J. Ryan Brown Law to get started.


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