There is a process that the police follow when they receive a call about suspected domestic violence. Often, this involves one of the involved parties contacting law enforcement directly following a dispute. Anyone facing these allegations can benefit from understanding the nature of a Carrollton domestic violence investigation.

If the police determine a crime was committed, they will conduct an investigation and make an arrest. Often, these cases are built on little more than the allegations made by one of the involved parties. A dedicated defense attorney from our firm can help you protect your rights following an arrest.

How Police Determine Aggressors

During a domestic violence investigation, police in Carrollton will typically start with identifying the aggressor. This is not always simple. In many cases, both parties involved in an incident could have very different stories. It is not uncommon for both parties to accuse each other of acting violently.

It is up to the police to gather any evidence related to the incident. This normally begins with taking a statement from each side as well as any witnesses that are present. If you are a suspect, however, you have the right to remain silent and do not have to give a statement to law enforcement. Officers should take into account the prior history and relationship with each of the parties, including the witnesses. This is because relationships are complex, and the background between the parties could be relevant.

Physical evidence is also important, as it can establish which version of events is closer to reality. This includes taking photographs of any injuries as well as any damage to property that might have occurred.

The Use of Discretion

The reality is that the police have a fair amount of discretion in these cases. If there is little evidence of physical injuries, officers can avoid making an arrest by ordering the parties to separate for the evening. These de-escalation tactics are often successful, but not always used.

Once there is evidence of serious injuries, the police are likely to consider their options for criminal charges. It is worth noting that not every party involved will face arrest. For example, law enforcement may not take someone in if they believe they acted in self-defense—even if they ultimately harmed another person.

What to Do During a Family Violence Investigation

When the police arrive at the scene of a dispute, an arrest can be imminent. However, there are also times when the Carrollton police can take days or even longer to investigate domestic violence allegations before making an arrest. As soon as there is any involvement by law enforcement, it is beneficial to rely on an attorney.

A lawyer can advise you on what this process looks like. They can also help you take steps before an arrest that might improve your chances of avoiding a criminal charge in the first place.

If an investigation ultimately results in an arrest, the guidance of a lawyer is crucial. They can advise you on your rights, help you navigate the legal system, and work tirelessly for a positive outcome in your case.

Talk to a Carrollton Attorney About Domestic Violence Investigations

When you are the subject of a Carrollton domestic violence investigation, you are entitled to the support of legal counsel. Relying on our team can help you understand your rights and prevent you from making things worse for yourself. Reach out today to discuss your options.

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