Robbery charges are serious and should not be taken lightly. You are facing up to twenty years in prison if charged with robbery in Newnan. Even if you are convicted and your debts are repaid to society, you may find that negative repercussions follow you throughout your career and everyday life.

Courts are not prone to grant leniency in cases involving theft or violence, and robbery is a crime that oftentimes incorporates both. However, a prosecutor must gather sufficient evidence to prove the charges against you beyond a reasonable doubt or else you cannot be convicted of the crime. An experienced Newnan robbery lawyer can assist in constructing a strong defense and minimizing the potential penalties as much as possible. Entrust your case with a trusted theft defense attorney now.

How Does Newnan Define Armed Robbery and Standard Robbery?

Robbery is a violent crime involving taking another person’s property by force, intimidation, sudden snatching or threat. According to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 16-8-41, a person commits armed robbery if they use a weapon or article that has the appearance of a weapon, to take property from another person or in the immediate presence of another. The punishments for armed robbery is even more significant than robbery with a mandatory ten years to be served in prison.

Theft and robbery are very similar criminal offenses. However, robbery has an added dimension by a person utilizing force or the threat of force, making it a more severe offense. Furthermore, a person can also commit robbery by quickly removing or seizing another person’s property.

Because of the use of force, robbery is charged as a felony, which carries lengthy prison sentences, fines, and consequences that make life difficult even after completion of a sentence. The extreme prison length in some sentences often makes it critical to contact a robbery attorney in Newnan as soon as possible.

The Consequences for Robbery in Newnan

Robbery is a felony in the area, just like many other theft crimes. Depending on the severity of the alleged crime, you may face the following penalties if they are found guilty of armed robbery: a ten-to-20-year prison sentence or life in prison.  For general robbery the defendant still faces up to twenty years in prison, but does not face the mandatory minimum ten-year prison sentence.

A convicted party may receive the maximum sentence if they have multiple felony convictions anywhere in the United States and are then convicted of armed robbery in Newnan. With three prior felonies, the maximum sentence may be imposed without the possibility of parole because of Georgia’s recidivist statute which punishes repeat offenders.

The severity of the consequences makes it imperative to begin gathering evidence and strategically crafting a legal defense as soon as possible. A Newnan armed robbery attorney can provide the necessary skills and knowledge to handle your case in the best way possible.

Schedule a Consultation with a Newnan Robbery Attorney

Anyone facing charges should strongly consider seeking the advice of a Newnan robbery lawyer. Our legal team has experience handling similar cases and can get you the results you deserve. A conviction can harm you in more ways than time in jail, as a conviction remains on your record for your entire life.

Schedule a consultation to discuss the robbery charges against you and begin building a solid legal strategy by contacting our office.

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