Burglary is oftentimes confused with home invasion or various robbery charges. Burglary, however, is much more of a theft crime than a violent crime, whereas home invasions and robberies are more violent in nature. Regardless, if you have been arrested for the crime, it’s crucial to get a theft attorney on your side. A Newnan burglary lawyer could fight for your future and represent your interests.

First-Degree Burglary

When a person intends to take something from a dwelling without authority, they have committed burglary. A dwelling is any building, structure, or portion thereof which is designed or intended for occupancy for residential use. Many times, lawyers on opposite sides of a burglary case end up fighting over whether or not something is a dwelling.

Example of First-Degree Burglary

Johnny is walking down the street in a residential neighborhood. As he is walking he spots what he believes is a watch through a window. The watch is sitting on a countertop and Johnny can see it through the stranger’s window. Johnny, therefore, decides to see if he can make away with the watch. So he approaches the front door, determines it is unlocked, and lets himself in. Once inside, he makes his way to the watch and leaves the home with it.

Let’s apply the first-degree burglary law to the facts in this example. Johnny certainly did not have permission to enter the stranger’s home, therefore, he has entered a dwelling without permission. Additionally, he entered the home intending to steal the watch. So, he entered a dwelling without authority with the intent to commit theft, which means he has committed a first-degree burglary and should immediately seek a lawyer in Newnan.

What is Second-Degree Burglary?

A person commits second-degree burglary when they do the same as first-degree burglary, but they intend to commit a felony or theft in an occupied, unoccupied, or vacant building, structure, railroad car, watercraft, or aircraft.

Second-Degree Burglary Examples

Randy hears from a friend that a building may have some old copper wire in it. Neither Randy nor his friend own the building or have permission to be there. Copper is hot on the market and this is a quick way for the two of them to make a few bucks. So, Randy goes to the building one night and breaks in, pulls the wire, and takes the copper to the scrap yard.

If a lawyer applies Newnan burglary law to the facts at hand, Randy did not have permission to enter this building and he entered the building to steal the copper wire. Thus, a second-degree burglary occurred.

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