It is illegal for any person to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The punishments for driving under the influence (DUI) convictions can be severe, and many people do not realize the broad definition that state law gives to this offense. A local attorney can inform you of the scope of these charges and how they may apply to your situation.

A Macon DUI lawyer is ready to evaluate the strength of the prosecutor’s evidence and build a strong defense against these accusations. Reach out today to get started.

How State Law Defines Driving Under the Influence

Cases that allege DUI can be more complex than they first appear. The Official Code of Georgia Annotated §40-6-391 covers the ways in which a person may violate this law, such as operating a motor vehicle while having a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 percent or more. If police officers suspect that a motorist is intoxicated, they can request that the driver submits to a blood alcohol test. Refusal of the blood test can result in the suspension of your license for 12 months and you must speak with your attorney quickly about your options regarding your license.

In addition, a person can be charged with violating this law based upon their apparent intoxication. Here, a police officer’s observations of a driver’s physical state, mental acumen, or driving may justify an arrest and prosecution. A Macon drunk driving attorney can provide more information about the relative laws on driving under the influence, and what a prosecutor must prove in court.

Potential Penalties After a DUI Conviction

DUI cases are serious matters in Macon. A first conviction will result in a ten-day jail sentence. Upon their discretion, a judge may lengthen this sentence to as long as 12 months (they typically do). Convictions come with a minimum fine of $300 and community service.

The Department of Driver Services will also suspend a person’s driver’s license for at least 12 months, although a driver may oftentimes acquired a permit and then reinstate their license after120 days, A dedicated attorney can fight tirelessly to  fight drunk driving charges in Macon.

Proving Innocence in Court

There are many tactics that a driver may use to dispute a DUI charge in court. The most direct method is challenging the use of a blood or breath test to prove intoxication.

It may also be possible to exclude the results of these tests or an officer’s observations by challenging the reason for the traffic stop. An officer must have reasonable suspicion to perform a traffic stop, and an attorney can cross-examine a police officer’s observations of a defendant’s driving to call the justification into question. Every DUI case is different, and a Macon drunk driving attorney is ready to build a strong defense catered to your unique circumstances.

Speak with a Macon DUI Attorney Now

Allegations of driving under the influence are serious matters that have the potential to impact every part of your life. If convicted, you face a mandatory jail sentence, hefty fines, community service requirements, and the possible suspension of your driver’s license. Due to the severity of a DUI charge, it is critical to enlist the help of a seasoned local attorney immediately.

A Macon DUI lawyer can explain the state’s drunk driving laws and investigate why an arrest occurred. They can also evaluate the officer’s actions and observations to build a powerful defense. Call today to schedule your free initial case consultation.

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