Charges that allege child endangerment are taken very seriously in Macon. In some instances, the state will pursue charges related to the supposed cruelty inflicted upon a child. In others, the presence of a child during a scene of violence or reckless behavior may make existing criminal cases more severe.

In either situation, it is critical to have an effective defense in order to protect yourself and your family. Such convictions may not only result in harsh criminal penalties, but could also threaten your ability to continue raising or spending time with your kids. A Macon child endangerment lawyer can help you to fight these charges, protect your freedom, and remain a positive influence in the lives of children. Reach out to a seasoned attorney at J. Ryan Brown Law today to start building your defense.

Child Endangerment Charges under Criminal Law

No specific statute in Georgia carries the label of “child endangerment.” Instead, the State aims to punish those who place children into dangerous situations, intentionally or recklessly, through a collection of other laws.

Of these laws, cruelty to children is one of the most common ways prosecutors seek to punish alleged child abusers. According to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 16-5-70, this offense has three degrees. If someone is charged with cruelty to children in the third degree, police will make an arrest, and prosecutors will pursue charges based on the alleged exposure of a child to a crime. In more severe cases, felony charges may result from causing harm to a child through either neglect or the intentional infliction of harm.

The concept of child endangerment can also make other criminal charges even more severe. For example, having a child in a car while driving under the influence may increase the potential penalties upon conviction. A Macon child endangerment attorney can explain the laws that apply in a particular case and help build a strong defense against allegations of wrongdoing.

The Additional Effects of a Child Endangerment Case

The criminal code primarily concerns itself with punishing wrongdoing that falls under the state’s laws. However, it also has an interest in protecting the alleged victims of crimes. As a result, an accusation of wrongdoing may trigger action on behalf of the alleged victim, prosecutors, and judges that could affect the rights of the accused.

One clear example is the ability of a criminal court to issue a restraining order against the perpetrators of supposed domestic violence. If the alleged victim of child endangerment is the defendant’s kid, this could result in a no-contact order that forces a parent to move out of a home or cease visitation with their child. Making matters worse, a conviction could see this order become permanent.

In extreme examples, the State may push for the termination of a defendant’s parental rights. This might be appropriate if the allegations involve supposed violence or intentional neglect. Entrusting a Macon attorney with a child endangerment case allows them to create a solid defense against the secondary consequences of an arrest.

Reach Out to a Macon Child Endangerment Attorney Now

In Macon, allegations that you have placed a child in a dangerous situation or intentionally caused them harm are not taken lightly. Such accusations may be considered felonies, resulting in multiple-year prison sentences. Even a mere allegation of wrongdoing could see a court create a restraining order that forces you to lose contact with your kids. You must begin forming a defense immediately.

Contacting a Macon child endangerment lawyer can be the first step towards protecting yourself. From day one, legal counsel can help you craft defenses that dispute such charges during court sessions. Additionally, they can assist with fighting against the supposed need for restraining orders. Call our firm today to get started.

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