Like all states, Georgia requires drivers to register most of their vehicles with the government. This is especially true for any cars or trucks that will be operated on public roadways. Anyone stopped by the police with expired tags could face a fine and other consequences.

If you have been ticketed for driving without registration in Carrollton, you have the chance to defend yourself in court. You are also entitled to rely on legal counsel to help you fight back. A seasoned traffic defense attorney can advocate on your behalf.

Registration Requirements

Drivers must register their vehicle every single year and obtain a tag for the vehicle. This is best done through your county office.

The government sends all drivers written notification of the need to renew their tags. Typically, a notice is sent no later than the beginning of the last month of the renewal period. For example, a person whose tag expires at the end of December should be formally notified by December 1 of that year.

This process is not always as painful or time-consuming as it once was. While opportunities vary from one county to another, many drivers can file their application and complete this step online without setting foot into a DMV. Renewing online requires the following documents:

  • VIN or plate number
  • Driver’s license number
  • Proof of paid taxes and fees
  • Proof of emissions inspection (Whether or not emission is required is county dependent)

Whether you missed the deadline or were not notified in time, our Carrollton team can help you determine your options after facing legal trouble for driving without the proper registration.

Expired Tags and Traffic Stops

Driving with expired tags is one of the most common reasons for the police to pull a driver over. Law enforcement has the right to initiate a traffic stop any time they have reasonable suspicion that a moving violation or other criminal offense occurred. Because it is a violation of state law, officers can stop a vehicle with expired registration even if the motorist is not otherwise committing any moving violations.

It is worth noting that many felony arrests begin with something as simple as a missing or outdated registration tag. The state can pursue criminal charges for anything from drunk driving to drug arrests, even when the officers did not suspect those crimes at the time of the traffic stop.

Associated Penalties With Driving Without Registration

The charge of driving without valid registration is treated as a misdemeanor With a fine not to exceed $100.00.

A seasoned defense lawyer in Carrollton can fight allegations of driving without registration or other offenses that are discovered after a traffic stop.

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