Every state—including Georgia—requires that motorists carry a minimum amount of auto insurance before they can legally operate a motor vehicle. The purpose of these requirements is to make certain that drivers can be held financially responsible any time they cause a crash.

If you have been accused of driving without insurance in Carrollton, you could be facing serious consequences. A conviction might cost you financially or even send you to jail. You have the right to fight these charges with the help of a dedicated traffic defense lawyer.

Georgia Insurance Requirements

Liability insurance requirements are in place for a reason. In the eyes of the State of Georgia, it is best if all motorists are in a position to be financially responsible for any accidents they cause. This need is met through the use of mandatory liability insurance coverage.

Not any policy will do. Motorists are obligated to maintain a policy that covers both the bodily injuries and property damage that occurs as a result of a collision. The following minimums apply:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury per person
  • $50,000 for bodily injury per incident
  • $25,000 for property damage per incident

When it comes to covering the cost of physical injuries, these policies have two limits to be aware of. There is a maximum insurance companies will pay out for a single person’s injuries, and a higher limit on the total amount of bodily injury claims.

Property damage claims are different in that there is a maximum amount of coverage per person or even per vehicle. When a driver has the minimum $25,000 for property loss coverage, that applies to every car or truck that is damaged due to their negligence. Given the cost of repairs, it is not unusual for these claims to exceed the statutory minimums.

The law only addresses the need for liability coverage, but there are additional insurance options that might make sense for drivers in Carrollton. Some examples of non-mandatory coverage include personal injury protection and uninsured motorist policies. While valuable to have, there are no penalties for waiving these options.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Carrollton

There are penalties that come with failing to maintain liability coverage in Carrollton. Prosecutors take driving without insurance charges very seriously because it places other drivers at risk. The fine for this offense can reach $1,000 and the jail time can reach 12 months in jail. If a driver accumulates a number of these offenses it is not uncommon for the prosecutor to ask for significant jail time.

It is not enough to have the minimum level of insurance coverage required by state law. Drivers must also keep proof of their policy in their vehicle at all times. Failing to have this proof is not as serious of an issue compared to lacking coverage entirely, but it could result in additional headaches for a motorist. That said, it is possible to avoid any penalties by providing proof to the state that coverage was in place at the time of the ticket. You can carry your proof of insurance in either paper format or digital format.

Talk to a Carrollton Attorney About Driving Without Insurance

If you were ticketed for driving without insurance in Carrollton, this seemingly minor hassle could result in serious penalties if you fail to take the necessary steps. Call today to discuss your options with experienced legal counsel.

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