Facing the prospect of a conviction on drug charges can be one of the most stressful things you ever face. Thankfully, you have the right to fight these allegations. A skilled drug defense attorney could help you find the right approach.

There are many different options for defending against Carrollton drug charges. The right choice for your situation will depend entirely on the facts at hand. An attorney could review the details of your arrest to help you determine the most effective defense strategy.

Lack of Evidence

Not all defense strategies involve complex legal maneuvers or an alternative theory of the crime. Instead, one of the most viable options in these cases involves holding the state to its burden of proof. If the evidence against you is weak, an attorney might advise that the best approach is to highlight how limited the state’s case truly is. Instead of presenting evidence in someone’s defense, a Carrollton attorney could contest drug charges by highlighting the prosecutor’s inability to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.


A less common defense strategy is entrapment. This defense is appropriate for situations where the police force or pressure a person to commit a crime they would not have committed otherwise. This defense is most often used in situations where the police attempt a sting operation.

It is not uncommon for the police to use undercover officers to set up phony drug purchases in order to snare the target of a trafficking or distribution investigation. This alone is not enough to rise to the level of entrapment. However, what can serve as a viable defense in Carrollton drug cases is when the police harass, cajole, or threaten a person to go through with a drug transaction that they would not have otherwise.

Unlawful Search and Seizure

One commonly used defense in these cases involves the violation of your constitutional rights. Most drug cases involve some form of search or seizure by law enforcement. However, there are limits on how these procedures can be conducted. If the state acts unlawfully when they search your home or vehicle, it could provide you with grounds to have any evidence they collected thrown out. A judge has an obligation to find any evidence that results directly from an illegal search inadmissible at trial. This can include the controlled substances that these cases are based on.

Actual Innocence

For some people, the best option for defending against drug charges in Carrollton is pointing to their innocence. This might sound obvious, but in certain situations, the allegations made by the police are simply untrue. This defense is appropriate in situations where a person has not committed a crime but was arrested erroneously.

There are different circumstances that make this strategy viable. For example, a person might not be guilty because they have a valid prescription for the medication in their possession. Alternatively, the substance in their possession might not be an illegal drug upon chemical testing. An attorney could gather the evidence needed and present a compelling argument for someone’s innocence.

Let a Carrollton Attorney Assist with Defending Against Drug Charges

Never assume that a successful outcome in your case is impossible. With the right defense strategy, you have an opportunity to beat these charges and avoid a conviction entirely. Call J. Ryan Brown Law today to discuss your options for defending against Carrollton drug charges.

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