Were you charged with drug possession in Georgia? If so, you should consider contacting a Carrollton drug possession lawyer. Drug crimes are serious offenses that carry significant penalties. A qualified drug defense attorney can help you minimize the damage of the drug charge and keep your life on track.

Our firm is committed to protecting our client’s rights in drug possession cases. If you are facing drug charges, our team of legal professionals can advocate on your behalf. It is crucial to craft a strong defense against drug possession charges. Depending on the nature of your drug offense, an attorney can argue to suppress evidence or negotiate a plea that helps you avoid significant time in prison.

Drug Possession Charges in Georgia

The possession, distribution, use, and sale of controlled substances are subject to both state and federal laws. When a person violates these laws, they could face criminal charges. For instance, conviction for drug possession could lead to imprisonment, fines, and forfeiture of any property purchased with drug proceeds.

Georgia takes drug possession very seriously, whether it is the possession of marijuana or a large amount of a serious drug. In Georgia, drugs are classified by the a schedule system. Schedule 1 encompasses the most serious and dangerous drugs like heroin, LSD, or MDMA. Schedule 2 includes cocaine, methadone, and opium. While marijuana does not fall under any of these schedules, it is considered a controlled substance.

During your case process, a Carrollton attorney can determine the schedule of drugs you are accused of possessing and help you devise an adequate defense strategy.

Constitutional Issues in Carrollton Drug Possession Cases

When an officer violates a criminal defendant’s constitutional rights, a drug possession lawyer in Carrollton can move to keep the evidence out of the case. For example, the Fourth Amendment makes unreasonable searches and seizures unlawful. If an officer conducts an unlawful search, in some cases, the court will suppress the evidence due to it violating the defendant’s constitutional rights.

Other common constitutional issues in drug possession cases include Miranda violations. Officers must provide Miranda warnings when they take a suspect into custody. The typical Miranda warning states that the suspect has certain legal rights, including the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. The suspect also has the right to consult an attorney. If the suspect waives their Miranda rights, anything they say can and will be used against them in a court of law. A knowledgeable attorney can help demonstrate that an officer breached your constitutional rights during a drug possession case.

Drug Possession Penalties Explained

The penalties for drug possession can vary based on the classification of the drug involved, the amount in possession, the nature of the offense, and the defendant’s criminal records.

Georgia allows for steep penalties for drug possession. The possession of a Schedule 1 or 2 narcotic can carry a prison sentence of anywhere from one year to fifteen years, or up to thirty years in prison when the defendant has a history of prior offenses.

When it comes to defending against these charges, there is no substitute for hiring a Carrollton drug possession attorney. Allegations of substance possession can have serious implications, but an experienced Carrollton lawyer can work with you to protect your legal rights and best interests.

Hire a Carrollton Drug Possession Lawyer

You should contact a Carrollton drug possession lawyer to help when you are accused of holding a controlled substance. Our tenacious attorneys can protect your legal rights and build a defense against the drug possession charge.

Our firm defends against all types of drug possession charges. Whether you are accused of possessing marijuana or a more serious substance, contact our office to discuss your case.

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