Obtaining a college degree is often the first step toward a well-paying and stable career. However, succeeding in school often requires more than receiving good grades. Colleges and universities also employ codes of conduct to regulate the behavior of their students and to protect the reputation of their schools. Apparent violations of these codes can result in significant disciplinary action.

In addition, many of these supposed infractions are also matters for the criminal courts. In fact, schools have an obligation under the law to report any apparent wrongdoing to local law enforcement. This means that scholars may face criminal cases at the same time as any school investigation. People in this situation should contact a Brunswick student defense lawyer immediately. A criminal defense attorney is ready to quickly step in to protect your freedom and ability to continue your education.

Brunswick Schools Can Punish Alleged Wrongdoing

Every college and university employs its own code of conduct. These codes not only speak as to how a student should act while on campus and in public, but they also outline how the school may investigate and punish any apparent violation.

These punishments can vary significantly from one another. Relatively minor infractions may require a scholar to live off-campus or to quit an extracurricular activity. More major allegations could result in suspension or even expulsion. Making matters worse, school disciplinary boards do not need to allow the accused to confront witnesses or even to have an attorney present during questioning. This means that the deck is always stacked against the accused.

Hiring a Brunswick defense attorney to protect a student’s interests is always a good idea. A lawyer can conduct an independent investigation into the incident in an attempt to discover exculpatory evidence. They also help prepare students for questioning should the school not allow an attorney to be present.

Providing a Strong Defense in Criminal Court

Not every incident that alleges a breach of school policy is an example of criminal activity. However, allegations of criminal activity are violations of both bodies of law. This means that an individual may face a criminal case and a school investigation at the same time.

Common examples of criminal cases that tend to affect college scholars include:

Always remember that the outcomes of these cases are independent of one another. Just because a criminal case ends with an acquittal does not mean that a school will not act to institute its own discipline. Nevertheless, overcoming a criminal charge is always at the forefront of a Brunswick scholar defense attorney’s priority list.

Consult with a Brunswick Student Defense Attorney Today

Scholars at colleges and universities in the Brunswick area may face many challenges after an arrest. Not only will they need to deal with the potential consequences of a criminal conviction as an adult, but their schools may also take disciplinary action independently of the courts.

Speaking with a Brunswick student defense lawyer will lead to a better outcome in both situations. An attorney is prepared to obtain the evidence and legal information needed to defend your freedom in court. At the same time, they are prepared to learn about your school’s disciplinary board and take every step possible to protect your right to continue your education. Reach out to our team now to discover more.

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