Any interaction with a police officer while behind the wheel of a vehicle can be a stressful experience. It can be easy to assume that the officer knows what they are talking about and that receiving a ticket is proof of guilt. However, the fact remains that every defendant, even when facing only a traffic ticket, is innocent until proven guilty.

All drivers have the right to contest the ticket in court. This requires quick action on the part of a driver and the ability to present evidence in court before a judge. A Brunswick traffic lawyer can provide assistance in both these areas. Our attorneys fight on behalf of drivers to protect their wallets and their driving records.

Driving Violations in Brunswick

All motor vehicle drivers have an obligation to follow the rules of the road. Any apparent violation can justify a police officer making a traffic stop and their issuance of a ticket. Always remember that this ticket is merely a accusation of a violation and is not proof of fault.

Fighting against the ticket in court requires an understanding of the relevant traffic law. Knowing what the prosecutor needs to prove in court helps drivers to combat these concepts at trial. Common examples of alleged traffic infractions include speeding, failing to maintain lane, and improper driving when encountering a school bus. All of these infractions are technically criminal matters where a court may send a driver to jail and they can most commonly come with harsh financial penalties and points on a driver’s license. People seeking to avoid this outcome should reach out to a Brunswick traffic attorney now.

The Process for Requesting a Court Hearing

Most people who receive traffic tickets have several options. They may simply elect to pay the fine as listed on the ticket. This serves as a guilty plea to the offense and will be the end of the case and result in a conviction. However, all people have the right to file motions, negotiate with a prosecutor, have a bench trial, or have a jury trial. This is the only way to contest the officer’s findings and avoid the full penalty.

A person charged with a traffic offense via a traffic citation has the exact same rights in Georgia to defend themselves as does a person charged with any other type of crime.

Talk with a Brunswick Traffic Attorney Now

When a police officer accuses you of a crime you have the right to defend yourself. All drivers have the right to challenge these tickets in court and have a trial before a judge or jury Additionally, the accused has the option to negotiate with the prosecutor themselves or through counsel.  This could help to reduce the penalty that the court assesses or even defeat the allegations altogether.

Hiring a Brunswick traffic lawyer to handle your case will help to increase the chances of a positive outcome. They work to determine how to request a hearing, obtain evidence that helps to prove your innocence, and appear in person to contest the charges. Reach out to our legal team now to get started.

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