Drug charges are taken very seriously in Newnan. If someone has been accused of possessing, producing, or distributing a controlled substance, they may face hefty fines and extensive prison sentences.

Without a thorough knowledge of the law, knowing how to defend yourself against the potential penalties of a drug charge in Newnan can be extremely difficult. Do not leave your future up to chance. If you face drug crime allegations, you need a seasoned drug attorney on your side. Allow a lawyer at J. Ryan Brown Law to be your advocate and ensure your voice is heard. Contact our firm today to get started.

Different Schedules

In Newnan, various drugs are categorized by schedule. The Georgia General Assembly classifies drugs from Schedule I through Schedule V . Drugs are categorized into these different schedules depending on a few factors, such as the accepted medical uses for that drug, the potential for that drug to be abused, and the potential for users of that drug to develop a dependency. If someone has been accused of a drug crime, the schedule of the drug they possessed may play a role when determining potential penalties. If someone has further questions about the classification or specific penalties associated with a drug, they should speak to a seasoned Newnan attorney.

Schedule I

A Schedule I drug has a high potential for abuse. It has no accepted medical use, at least locally, and is considered a substance with a high risk of dependency by users. The State Board of Pharmacy has established that Schedule I drugs are things like psilocybin mushrooms, heroin, LSD, and ecstasy. Many people do not realize that THC oil is also considered a Schedule I drug.

Schedule II

Substances classified as Schedule II have a high potential for abuse, have an accepted medical use, but are severely restricted in how they can be used from a medical standpoint. The abuse of a Schedule II drug can lead to severe psychological or low physical dependence. Some examples of Schedule II drugs are methamphetamine, fentanyl, opium, cocaine, and codeine.

Schedule III

Schedule III drugs have the potential for abuse, but less than those of Schedule I and II. These substances do have an accepted medical use in the United States. If somebody is abusing a Schedule III drug, it could lead to moderate or low physical or psychological dependence. Examples of Schedule III drugs include some cough medicines (like cough syrups containing codeine), steroids, lysergic acid and ketamine.

Schedule IV

Drugs classified as Schedule IV have a low potential for abuse compared to other drugs. These substances have an accepted medical use, and abuse of these drugs may lead to limited physical or psychological dependence. Drugs like Xanax are classified as a Schedule IV.

Schedule V

Schedule V substances have a low potential for abuse. These drugs have accepted medical uses in the United States, and abuse of these drug may lead to limited dependence. All drugs in this class are going to be a step below Schedule IV, with an example being pseudoephedrine.

Potential Penalties

The penalties associated with drug charges in Newnan will depend on several factors. The first thing that is considered is whether the accused party is a user or a dealer. While penalties for both dealing and possession can include prison sentences, dealers tend to receive harsher penalties under the law. In cases where the state does not want to pursue maximum penalties, probation and rehabilitation programs may be used as alternative sentences. However, this is much more likely in lower-level possession offenses for first-time offenders.

Next, the schedule and quantity of the drug they allegedly had are taken into consideration. As the schedule and amount of the drug goes up, the likelihood of imprisonment increases. Because Schedule I and II drugs are considered the most dangerous, they carry the harshest penalties.

Another factor that can influence penalties in drug crimes is the actual crime that has been alleged. For example, the charges for simple possession, sale, possession with intent, or trafficking are all very different. As the charge gets more serious, so does the punishment.

Lastly, criminal history is considered when determining the punishments for a drug crime in Newnan. Repeated offenses may lead to harsher sanctions and penalties on charges like possession with intent.

How Can an Attorney Help?

If someone faces drug charges, they should not handle their case alone. In the courtroom, there will be an aggressive prosecutor actively seeking to incriminate and possibly incarcerate them. It is vital to have a strategic and well-thought-out defense that can combat and find weaknesses in their argument. This is where the guidance of an experienced Newnan drug attorney is crucial. A lawyer can guide a defendant from start to finish of their case and explore different diversion programs and sentencing options. They will be sure to explain a defendant’s rights to them and help them properly exercise them in court. Often, defense attorneys have relationships with prosecutors, and this familiarity could help in negotiations and discovery, as well as trial and defense strategy.

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Because the stakes and potential penalties of a drug charge in Newnan are so high, you should trust your case to a dedicated defense attorney. A lawyer has extensive experience fighting back against allegations of this nature and could help you achieve the most favorable outcome possible in your unique circumstances. To learn more about these charges or how an attorney at our firm can help you, call J. Ryan Brown Law today.

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