Law enforcement in Griffin, and throughout the state of Georgia, use the sex offender registry to keep tabs on people previously convicted of sex crimes. Individuals convicted of sexual offenses against minors, or other dangerous sexual activity, must register as sex offenders upon their release from custody. Being registered as a sex offender can significantly impact several aspects of someone’s personal and professional life. Many people believe they will need to live with this stigma and restrictions for the rest of their lives— thankfully, this is not always the case.

State law allows people who have met certainrequirements to petition a court to remove them from sex offender registry in Griffin, Georgia. A successful petition must meet the criteria established under the law and convince a judge to take this powerful remedial step. Knowing how to remove yourself from this registry can be confusing and overwhelming, but a seasoned lawyer is here to help. Contact J. Ryan Brown Law to get started with this new chapter.

The Legal Requirements for Sex Offender Registry Removal in Griffin

In Griffin, there are several requirements that a person must meet to become eligible for sex offender registry removal. Under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 42-1-19, a convicted individual must have completed the entirety of their sentence resulting from their case. This includes spending time in prison, completing the terms of their parole, and finishing out their time on probation. In addition. In addition to completing all the terms of their sentence, ten years must have elapsed since the conclusion of the person’s sentence, or they must be classified as a Level I. A Level I is a risk designation made by thethe Sex Offender Registration and Review Board (SORRB). This means that the board considers the applicant to have a low chance of committing another sex crime in the future.

Finally, all petitioners must show that their offense did not involve any infliction of intentional harm, that they have no other convictions for sex offenses, and that there is no other evidence of similar behavior or misconduct. A knowledgeable attorney can help determine a person’s eligibility for removal under the letter of the law, and assist them with the process if they qualify.

Certain persons may be removed from the registry if their crime is no longer considered a felony, if they are disabled, or if the offense did not involve a sexual offense.

Judges Have the Final Decision

If a person appears to meet the minimum requirements listed above, they may submit a formal petition for sex offender registry removal to the Superior Court in the county that initially heard their case. If the person was convicted in federal court or in another state then the petition will be filed in the county of the person’s residence. This petition must include evidence to show that the applicant meets the minimum requirements set above. If the evidence is sufficient, the Court will schedule a formal hearing to decide the matter.

At this hearing, a petitioner has the chance to offer evidence as to why they no longer pose a risk to the community. This may include character references, proof of steady employment, or medical reports from doctors indicating a better state of mind. However, be aware that the State may oppose this request and can submit evidence from their own perspective as to why a person should remain on the registry. Ultimately, petitioners bear the burden of showing a judge that they are no longer a threat to others. The guidance of a Griffin attorney can prove vital in ensuring that sufficient evidence is gathered, and that all legal requirements of a sex offender registry removal are promptly and properly met.

Trust Your Sex Offender Registry Removal in Griffin to a Skilled Attorney

Being placed on the state’s sex offender registry can profoundly impact your entire life. From employment, to where you can live, to places you can be, this registration is a severe restriction on your liberty. It is understandable to want to remove this burden from your present and future.

If this is your experience, it is important to know that you do have legal options. An aggressive lawyer is here to help with sex offender registry removal in Griffin and can explain the legal minimums for people pursuing this process. Legal counsel can take the lead in gathering information about your conviction and life outside prison. Finally, they can appear before a judge to present evidence as to why you deserve a fresh start in life. Contact our firm today to schedule your confidential consultation.

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