The consequences of an embezzlement allegation or conviction could have a long-term impact on a person’s life. In addition to criminal penalties, they could lose their job, damage their professional reputation, and potentially forfeit the ability to find a new position. They might also lose the respect of their peers, friends, and family.

If someone has accused you of mishandling or misappropriating some of their funds for your own personal gain, you could face embezzlement charges. Thankfully, a Carrollton embezzlement lawyer is here to help you clarify any issues and relentlessly fight on your behalf. Contact J. Ryan Brown today to learn more about how a theft attorney can help you.

The Crime of Embezzlement in Carrollton

Embezzlement is a white-collar crime that involves financial fraud. Although embezzlement crimes are thefts, they differ from nearly all other theft cases. In most theft cases, the alleged thief steals something they never had legitimate access to, such as when a robber breaks into a retail store and steals money from the store’s safe. The robber was never in a position of trust at the retail store, so it is a theft, but not embezzlement. In embezzlement cases, the alleged embezzler steals money to which they have some legitimate access. When someone dishonestly takes the money they have access to for their own purposes, such as for their job, it becomes embezzlement. For example, a retail store cashier who steals money from their cash register at work could face embezzlement charges because the store entrusted them with handling their money.

A knowledgeable Carrollton attorney can help explain the embezzlement charges that a defendant is facing and let them know what rights and options they have available.

Common Embezzlement Crimes in Carrollton

There are many different forms of embezzlement. Some involve the one-time taking of a small amount of money, while others involve elaborate schemes resulting in the large-scale scale theft of millions of dollars from multiple parties.

Some of the most common types of embezzlement cases involve the following:

  • A caretaker, either at a personal residence or at a nursing home, taking items or money from an elderly person
  • A caretaker taking advantage of someone by writing personal checks to themselves or by using their credit cards to purchase items for themselves
  • Financial advisors taking their clients’ money for their own personal benefit
  • A cashier not registering a sale and pocketing cash
  • A bank teller taking money from their cash drawer and putting it into their own pocket
  • A worker making up false bills to collect reimbursement money from their employer
  • An employee using their company credit card for personal purchases
  • A person creating an elaborate Ponzi scheme to take money from their investors

Accidents can happen when it comes to money management. Even if it may seem obvious that someone’s actions were a mistake, there is still a legal process that must be followed to prove they did not act maliciously or deceitfully. If someone has been accused of any of these forms of embezzlement, a Carrollton attorney can help them demonstrate that the incident was a misunderstanding.

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When facing embezzlement charges, you must think clearly and act quickly. Despite what you hope, these charges will not just go away. However, a Carrollton embezzlement lawyer is here to help you address these charges promptly and properly. Seasoned attorneys understand the complicated and specialized nature of embezzlement charges and can work aggressively to defend you and preserve your freedom, rights, and financial situation.

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