Any DUI conviction can have steep consequences, even when you have no prior criminal record. When you face charges for a first-time DUI in Carrollton, you should prioritize finding a skilled lawyer. The case against you might seem strong, but a knowledgeable DUI attorney could investigate the circumstances of your arrest to determine what defense strategies you may have available. Discuss your options with a dedicated legal professional at J. Ryan Brown Law, LLC.

Understanding DUI Laws

Like every jurisdiction across the country, it is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol in Carrollton. Even first-time offenders face the risk of serious consequences if they are found guilty. Of course, not every DUI arrest results in a conviction. The prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused operated their vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

There are a few different ways the state can prove their case. The most common type of DUI case is called “DUI Per Se.” This type of DUI involves the state relying on blood, breath, or urine test results. If a driver is found to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) equal to or above 0.08% at the time of their arrest, that evidence could be enough to secure a DUI conviction.

The next type of DUI is called “DUI Less Safe.” A person could also be convicted of a DUI without blood testing. The law contains language that a person is guilty of DUI when they are “under the influence” of drugs, alcohol, or a combination of the two to the extend they are less safe to drive. This means the state can prove a person is impaired using evidence like admissions of drinking or slurred speech. Some DUI convictions are based on the presence of a controlled substance in the driver’s bloodstream. A blood or urine test that shows any amount of illegal drugs in a person’s system could serve as the basis for a DUI conviction if the state can prove it made the driver less safe to operate their vehicle. A knowledgeable Carrollton attorney could offer further guidance about DUI laws and provide vital representation to those facing charges for the first time.

Penalties for First-Time DUI Convictions in Carrollton

Any time someone is convicted of DUI, the judge may impose a number of penalties. A person convicted of this offense could face jail time, probation, monetary fines, and the suspension of driving privileges, among other consequences.

First-time DUI offenders who do not cause any bodily injuries or property damage may be convicted of a misdemeanor punishable by as much as 12 months in jail. Most of the time, the jail sentence for first-time DUI offenders is nowhere near this maximum. There is, however, a 24-hour minimum to be spent in jail. Some courts are more lenient than others in imposing that minimum requirement. In addition to jail time, there is also the potential for fines ranging between $300 and $1,000.

Additionally, there may be quick action required on your part. DUIs are often fought on two fronts – the criminal and the administrative. The criminal case is where the cops arrest the driver, obviously. The administrative case, however, is less obvious. This is where the cops try to suspend your drivers license pre-conviction! There are steps you need to take within 30 days of arrest to ensure your protect your driver license.

These penalties are associated with a first-time DUI conviction, not an arrest. Sometimes it is possible to beat these charges or avoid a conviction at trial – depending on the circumstances. Anyone facing charges for a first-time DUI should meet with an attorney in Carrollton to start building their defense.

Call a Carrollton Attorney About First-Time DUIs

It is not uncommon for people facing their first DUI arrest to feel lost and frustrated. While these charges may seem impossible to beat, a dedicated legal professional could advocate on your behalf for lessened penalties or a case dismissal.

Our legal team could help you develop the best possible defense strategy for your situation. Reach out to our attorneys to discuss your options after a first-time DUI in Carrollton.


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