West Georgia Drug Bust Leads to 15 Arrests

Icon  September 11, 2020 | By jryanbrownlaw

A drug bust in Carrollton, Georgia this weekend led to the arrest of fifteen people. The charges for range from Possession of a Schedule II drug to Trafficking Methamphetamine (Check out Youtube for More on Drug Trafficking). Many of them are charged with conspiracy to traffic methamphetamine. At least one of the parties was charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon.

Drug trafficking in Georgia doesn’t require the suspect to have any intention to distribute the drugs or to sell them in any way. All prosecutors must prove is that 1) the suspect possessed the drugs and 2) that the drugs were a certain weight. In Georgia, 28 grams is the threshold for trafficking methamphetamine. So, possessing more 28 grams or more of methamphetamine is a trafficking offense in Georgia.

Criminal defense attorneys in Carrollton, Georgia use several defenses to fight trafficking charges. A popular defense too trafficking methamphetamine in Georgia is that the drugs were not actually possessed. They have been in someone else’s possession or the may not have been accessible to the suspect. Another popular defense is that the drugs may not weigh as much as the cops say that they do.

Trafficking carries substantial penalties – up to thirty years in the state prison system. These folks were arrested today, but its important to remember what is fundamental to our justice system “Innocent until proven guilty.”

These folks in Carrollton remain innocent until a prosecutor proves them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. So don’t be too quick to judge – they have the right to have a trial and to defend themselves. There is always more to the story. These ladies and gentlemen will have lawyers and be ready to fight the charges and they remain INNOCENT until proven otherwise.

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